Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Busy -- the good, the bad!

My life as of late has been interesting. I have adjusted (kind of) to a new semester at the university doing what I do best, teaching! Teaching at Regina Open Door Society continues to keep me busy at night. Then I've got the 3 hour grad class every Monday night. On the weekend I'm trucking along with lesson planning and private tutoring. I work SEVEN days a week. My weekends are now busier than my week day. I look forward to only having to work for 4 hours, lesson plan for 2, and spend 3 hours in class studying. That's my lightest day.

EVERY morning I wake up and think 'I cannot possibly keep doing this, I'm going to kill myself trying too hard!' but then I get into the swing of things and I'm happy to be busy, to have a job (well, more like 5) and to be learning.

But I still admit that I do not have balance. My relationships with the people I love most are the first to sacrifice. And hanging out with friends is a non-existent!

There is some purpose to all this sanity. Sung Hyun and I are trying to save up for a 20% down payment for our first place. Since my job at the university is sessional work and he is not yet a part of the welding union none of our jobs are secure/ stable -- proving difficult to qualify for a mortgage.

But since I can NOT carry on with this insane schedule I've decided that at the end of the semester (December end) I have to decide what to focus my effort/ energy on, either grad school or work. Because there are not enough hours in the day to be teaching for 52.5 hours a week, lesson plan for 20 hours, attend night classes for 3, do grad homework for 10 hours, and blog, exercise/ have a life.

Any advice on how to NOT be a workaholic?


Foreigner Joy said...

Definitely cut something back or life is going to make via bad health or other issue.

Annie-Me said...

well hun, to be honest, I think gradschool should take precedence. Just think about it...once you have the "papers" and knowledge, your job prospects will increase and then you wouldn't have to work so much to make money. As you know, I chose school over maybe I'm a little biased. But I believe it was the correct decision. Working to the bone and trying to go to school at the same time is not going to make you excel in either. Personally hun, if you are feeling stretched thin I would totally reconsider all the work you are doing because your grades will suffer, and I know how much pride you have in doing a good job!