Saturday, August 06, 2011

Sunday weigh-in #11

Will have to weight (haha!) until I return from my trip to Calgary.

I'm leaving tomorrow morning at 4am with my family (which is in less than 4 hours -- and I haven't packed yet!). I will be getting back late on Monday so I plan to weight myself early Tuesday morning (since I've always weighed in when I wake up, I thought I'd keep it that way!)

I'm allowing myself to indulge this week because it's been a really shitty week. So even though I don't want to gain weight I have to be prepared for some minor set backs in this journey. This week might be just that!

HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND EVERYONE!!!!!! I'll be back in a few days ;)


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your trip! Getting away for a couple of days will be good for you, after such a stressful week. Looking forward to the weigh-in on Tuesday!

Foreigner Joy said...

Even you take some setbacks this week I think it is okay, because your long term goal is to diet and exercise. Life isn't always a steady stream of neat and perfect notches. There's gunna be some deep cuts here and there.

Just be proud of the things you have accomplished so far and give yourself some leeway.

asiangarden said...

Hope you had a great time!