Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Sugar-free July a bust?

I'm counting this sugar-free July as a SUCCESS!!!!

Although I kind of cheated.

Kind of cheat #1 -- Well it's kind of stupid to start the sugar-free July by eating a chocolate bar. DUH! but I got my days mixed up so I ended my challenge August 2nd.

Kind of cheat #2 -- Then after I had eaten almond butter a couple of times I decided I should check the ingredients list because something that tastes THIS good MUST have sugar in it. And I was right!

Kind of cheat #3 -- I accidentally ate this Fiber 1 bar. Geez Jen, how do you accidentally eat a bar full of sugar? Well I was sitting at my desk at work doing curriculum stuff and the next thing you know I'd eaten the entire bar. It ended up in my lunch bag because (and this is the part that I probably shouldn't admit) my mom makes my lunch* (enter hurtful comments here)! Aside: how will I move out?

Kind of cheat #4 -- I drank some diet coke which I really wasn't counting as cheating because it's fake sugar people. And fake is better than the real stuff. No? My bad!

SO why, after all this, do I consider this challenge a success? Well, firstly it was my freaking birthday this month and I didn't have a traditional cake. My mom made a sugar-free one. YAY MOM!

Then, I turned down many chances to eat ICE CREAM. In fact, one day I said out loud, "If I wasn't doing this stupid challenge this month I would be going to DQ right now to eat ice cream".

Then when I went to dinner at a colleagues house I skipped dessert (which was a chocolate chip cheese cake, fyi). I freaking LOVE cheese cake people.

Now that I've officially said 'freaking' and addressed my readers as 'people' I think it's time I end this post ;)

p.s. the challenge for the month of August will revolve around fitness, which leaves me plenty of time to eat all the sweets I want. In fact, I'm licking almond butter off my index finger right now (wish I was joking!)

* she also washes my clothes


Anonymous said...

Diet Coke contains no sugar. That's not cheating.

Shelley said...

Great job! Just wondering if limting (omitting) your sugar for a month made you feel different. Did you feel less hungry, did you have more energy, or did you notice no change at all?
It looks like the scale noticed it a little :)