Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Stomach ache

Tomorrow I WILL wake up with a stomach ache.

Because tonight instead of coming home from work at 9:30 pm and going for a run I decided to eat THIS:

Yup, that's 2 chocolate bars, 1/3 of a bag of chips and a glass of diet coke.

Since the beginning of this project, I've allowed myself treats here and there. The most important thing to me was not to restrict myself and make me feel like I was on a diet. I was going for small changes and if I wanted a cookie here and there I wasn't going to punish myself for it.

So this is the first time in 10 weeks where I feel like I've FAILED.

Binge eating and me go way back. Even though I knew I shouldn't have opened the second chocolate bar I still did it. And it's those feelings, of knowing you shouldn't be doing something but you do it anyway, that I'm trying to avoid.

So this week it may just be GAIN (or MAINTAIN). If I'm lucky enough to pick myself up off the ground in time.


Fall seven times, stand up eight. ~Japanese Proverb


Anonymous said...

Intuitive Eating. Check it out. It's both harder and easier than dieting. Harder because you have no external rules and need to work out your own personal crap. Easier because you have no external rules and need to work out your own personal crap.

Why am I here??? said...

Great advice! Just read a ton...

Shelley said...

What you really need with those chips is dill pickle dip!
Ok, I know that didn't help. But I'm 29 weeks pregnant in India with no way of getting dip to go with my chips. Boo hoo!

We all slip up once in a while, and the best part is that you realize it. Just pick yourself back up and keep an extra 30 minutes to an hour on the treadmill (or more hehe). But don't give up. I found that when I had a binge or I cheated I would just continue down that path because I was like..well I already cheated might as well keep going.
Don't do that!

Tanya said...

You didnt fail. It's not like you are going to do that everyday. Everyone once in a while you are allowed to indulge yourself. Its life. You seem to have created a healthier lifestyle for yourself so stepping out of that once in a while is not going to kill you.

*Krista* said...

Considering what you have been going through lately, I don't blame you for a little "binge eating" - although I would hardly call that binge eating. To me that just looks like a good night of eating junk food and watching! :) Don't be too hard on yourself, just remember your goals, and remember tomorrow is a new day. I find if I'm too hard on myself, it makes it that much harder for me to get back on the "weightloss" horse and continue with good habits. You have emotions and you are human, and you are going through a really tough time. Also, I'm feeling jealous of Sung Hyun too and also pissed off at the travel agent for screwing you over!

Anonymous said...

I love that quote!