Sunday, August 14, 2011


PIZZA IS MY FAVOURITE FOOD!!! I could seriously eat if everyday, hot or cold!

Okay, okay I know I talk a lot about food but last month I was wandering through the organic section in the grocery store close to my house and found this:

A whole grain wheat free, gluten free, dairy free pizza crust. And it sounded kinda healthy OR at least a nice alternative to the heavy white crust pizza I'm used to eating.

This beauty sat at the back of my mom's pantry for a good month before I decided that today (as a means of procrastination) I was going to make a pizza.

I followed the simple instruction on the back and in no time I had created 2 kinds of pizza.

A caramelized onion, ham and BBQ pizza on the left (okay on the top) and a roasted veggie and feta on the right (bottom -- stupid rotation button on iPhoto).

I have yet to try them actually but don't they look damn good?

p.s. sorry for the rotation problems ;)

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