Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Life, Love and you guessed it.........MONEY (part 4)

Remember this series?

Be honest.

Okay I'll admit, I forgot too, but with a little prompting from a reader (thanks anonymous ;) I shall forge on.....

See, yet another example of how I don't carry through with things I start. GEEZ (okay enough negative self-talk).
Let's play catch up shall we:

Part 1 -- In this post I talked about how unhappy I was with my husband when I became the main breadwinner (he likes to use this term: 'sugar mama') in our relationship. This unhappiness does not stem from the idea that I think women should not assume financial responsibility in a relationship but has more to do with different expectations in a relationship (maybe cultural, maybe not). I also touched on some personal family money issues.

Part 2 -- I continued on about the family money saga and about how Sung Hyun and I viewed the same situation in 2 very different ways. I also talked about how Sung Hyun doesn't fit into the Korean community here.

Part 3 -- Was an optimistic post about (hopefully) good things to come!

Now onto Part 4...


When Sung Hyun first came to Canada he was employed almost immediately. He applied for about 8 welding jobs, advertised online, but didn't get so much as an interview. So he snatched up the first job that came his way. We accidentally applied for this position because we thought it was a welding job, but it turned out to be very different. For 6 months Sung Hyun worked outside (in the middle of winter) shoveling metal at a junk yard. He had a strong work ethic and all of his coworkers loved him. Even though he was well liked, made a decent amount of money ($20/ hour) as a new immigrant, he knew that this job was not something he wanted to do long term.

So he quit.

Our next plan was for him to challenge the Canadian welding exam. We filled out the paperwork (geez that was a process - yet another example of government bureaucracy) then once he got the approval to 'challenge the exam' all he had to do was the practical weld test. The only problem was that he was over a year out of practice and the welding in Canada was somehow different than what he was used to in Korea. So 1-2 months of test prep turned into 4 months. Even though Sung Hyun was not confident with his skills his welding teacher told him to just do the practical test. It was almost certain that he would fail the first time because the pass rate was around 20%.

Uncertain about his abilities, but with the urging of his teacher he went ahead and booked the welding exam. I dropped him off early in the morning and as I drove away I had butterflies in my stomach. Sung Hyun's future success in Canada was dependant on how well he did on his exam. Before he shut the door to my car door he said "I hope the examiner didn't fight with his wife last night" except it sounded more like this: "I hope test man is last night no fighting with his wife", you get the point.

I waited and waited and waited. All day I was anxious to find out if he passed. Since I was working ALL DAY it was my dad's responsibility to pick him up at the test centre.

SIX hours later Sung Hyun called.


I tried to cheer him up telling him that he could practice more and try again. Then he yelled JUST KIDDING in Korean. I was ecstatic and I didn't really believe him. When I got home he proudly displayed his new Canadian welding ticket.

We decided that the next best plan of action was for Sung Hyun to hold off on job searching until his Korean family finished up their vacation in Canada (which unfortunately didn't happen). So to pass the time before their arrival he went back to welding school. He was on a mission to get more welding tickets. And that he did.

He now holds 2 B Pressure welding tickets and a T.I.G carbon-carbon ticket. He passed all 3 exams on the first try. All 3 times he received compliments from the examiners.

Two weeks ago Sung Hyun came back from Korea. Two days later he went job hunting. He got offered 2 jobs with 2 different welding unions in the city. He started safety training the following Monday and Tuesday, went to his first job site on Wednesday and has been welding away ever since. He has to pass a daily x-ray inspection to see if his welding is up to code. Last Tuesday his bossed called him aside to give him his first report. All his x-rays came back perfect and his boss congratulated him and told him to keep doing a good job.

Only now is he starting realize that his work is valued. After spending 12 years in Korea welding, his skill and profession are FINALLY being recognized.

This my friends is why we came to CANADA.

Three cheers for my LOVER!


Shelley said...

Woo hoo!! Way to go Sung Hyun! That is such great news, and it seems like things will only get better from here.

I want my my husband to read this post, because here he is a programmer and because there are just so many people, employers can pay their employees crap and make them work ridiculous hours because they know they can get away with it. I want my husband to see that with a lot of hard work, he can realize his dreams in Canada. I know he knows that, but I want to confirm them :)

SO HAPPY for you two!

mrs yun said...

I've been reading your blog for a while now, but first time to comment!

Your blog has been really inspirational/informative for me in so many ways, as I also lived in korea with my (korean) husband, be fore making the move to the UK earlier this year...

So glad to hear about the job! My husband is now looking....hopefully we will hear good news soon too!

Cindy said...

Congratulations, Sung Hyun!! He certainly has a lot of support from you, and it's great to hear of his success.

I so enjoy reading this blog - thank you for sharing your Korean and Canadian adventures with your readers. Praying you get a refund from that unethical Korean travel agent. Any news on that?

Why am I here??? said...

YAHHHH thanks Shelley.....there will certainly be work for you hubby here. Computer programming sounds like a promising future. The first job he gets may not be the one he will stay at forever but I too believe you both with carve your way into Canadian life. Can't wait to have to back.

Thank you Mrs. Yun. Do you have a blog I can read? I loving knowing who my readers are so thanks for delurking. If there are any topics you would like me to talk about please let me know. I look forward to more comments from you.....I'll be looking for Mrs. Yun.....hehe

Thanks Cindy, keep praying because so far it's nothing. I'm trying to keep a positive attitude though!

Beloved said...

This post gave me goosebumps. I'm so happy for him (and you)!