Wednesday, August 03, 2011


This is the BAD kind of screwed, as in SCAMMED!

I go through waves of emotion.

One day I'm fine about the whole situation. I pretend that Sung Hyun's family has come and gone and that we enjoyed our Canadian experience together. But then I snap back to reality and realize that Sung Hyun is in Korea enjoying his vacation with his family.

When I said good-bye to Sung Hyun as he entered the security gates at 4 am I realized that I've never been on the other side of the departure. It was always ME leaving someone and ME going through security taking off my shoes, emptying my pockets and walking through the beeper. This time it was ME watching my husband go through the process. And it felt weird. Then I felt empty and wondered if this was the feeling that my mom experienced every time I left on an adventure. Then I thought, geez I better not have kids because this would suck!

Then I decided to stop thinking, drive home and get some sleep. For the next 22 hours I worried not about if Sung Hyun was able to catch his connecting flights but if something terrible would happen to the plane. Like a crash! I continually refreshed the flight information on the airlines website thinking that if such a horrific incident occurred then it would notify me. Like the "in-flight" sign would blink "fire in progress" or "plane about to crash". Stupid I know, but I must have hit the refresh button 10 times throughout the day. I was thrilled to see the status change to "arrived". It was like 3:30 in the morning my time and I had to work the next day but I did a little happy dance (in my head) before I went to bed, but not before calling my MIL to make sure the flight was on the ground. How do you say that in Korean?

So I thought I had gotten over this situation and was doing pretty well. I was physically drained and past the point of self pity. But I'm now realizing that this is a process. A healing process. And what the travel agent did stripped me to the core and shook me up a little. It changed the way I view things. Yes, I'm thankful to have my health and I'm thinking on the positive side of things but man, whether I like it or not this situation has changed me.

I've felt sympathetic for the agent for his financial distress, guilt for using him to book my family's tickets, stress because I was running on little-to-no solid sleep, disappointment for my family, hurt because 'how could someone do this?', jealous because it's Sung Hyun in Korea and not me and now ANGER because I've just read another story about how he did this to someone else. And apparently the other person called the agent back every 30 minutes, yelled at him, threatened them with the police to make sure he would take care of the situation and book another flight. And the agent DID.

So now I'm feeling guilty again. If I had yelled at him on the phone would that have made a difference? If I had threatened to contact the police, would that have made a difference?

So one goes the healing process..........

Tomorrow my mantra is: LIFE IS FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!


Anonymous said...

First, red on your green background is really hard to read.

Second, why is it took late for them to threaten him with the police??

Why am I here??? said...

Hey anon,
What I meant was that it's too late for my family to come for this vacation. Maybe if I had yelled at him and threatened him with the police on the phone he would have bought those tickets.

It's not too late to threaten with police, we're at that stage right now, but that won't get our money back. It will result in a criminal prosecution of fraud and leave a ding on his record but not prevent him from doing it again and carrying on with his business.

If we want the money we will have to file civil suit and hire a lawyer.

I'll change the font colour. Thanks!

We haven't decided which

Anonymous said...


I am also owed money by this travel agent. I know he booked my flight after I first contacted the airline to confirm but I then had to cancel and now he isn't taking my calls etc.

Have you contacted the police? How do you intend to pursue your claim? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

And do you know the exact location of his office?