Friday, July 22, 2011


I've been thinking a lot about this blog and whether it should grow bigger (i.e. daily posts, private domain name etc...hey maybe even a spell check thrown in here and there) or whether I should let it go.

It's time for the yearly renewal of my google account (a.k.a. pay to have photos uploaded onto this blog) since I've reached my capacity. I don't mind paying for my blog but I'm just curious what kind of followers I have. Who's out there?

My blog has certainly transformed since I first started. I would love to jump to a bigger platform and create drop down menus (even though I don't know how to yet) and all that fancy stuff. But I'm just having trouble picking a 'focus'. I feel like my life is all over the place (and it is) so that's how I blog -- about random stuff all over the place. In the past couple of months I've talked about money and relationships, fatness, weigh-ins, yummy food, my lack of motivation for learning Korean to name a few. Talk about random! But that's how I think. It drives my husband bonkers. One week I discuss the possibility of moving to Saudi Arabia, the next week I want to buy a house in the city, then the week after that I decide I want to get a full time job, settle down and have a family (eek! - don't read too much into this mother!) and then I'd definitely go back to Korea in a heartbeat. Exhausting I know!*

So do you like my randomness or do you think I need a focus? And if so, what? Please take a few minutes to de-lurk and comment on this post. I'd love to hear from you.

AND click away on the little survey I've got above. Apparently you can only choose 1 thing.....BOO!**

* See, even this blog post is off topic!
** I figured out how to post the poll all by myself. That's leap and bounds for someone who isn't computer savvy. YAY!


Anonymous said...

i enjoy your randomness. the posts i enjoy the most from you are the ones where you candidly talk about your life, whether it be about struggles in married life or adjusting to Canada. i personally find it hard to relate to some of your posts, e.g. your diet/health posts, but it may be others' cup of tea. i like when you talk about Korea and Canada, because i find it interesting to read about the lives of others in different places.

because of your randomness, i feel like people from all walks of life can enjoy your blog. i'm a corporate attorney who lives in the U.S. and still enjoys being single. but your stories still touch me. keep writing; continue to be expressive and honest, and the world will appreciate. :)

Kimberly Ann said...

It only lets you pick one option! I would have picked everything FYI :). I like randomness, its the best way, shows the real you.

Anonymous said...

well, since I could only pick one option in the poll, I wanted to say I'm interested in the weight loss part of it, as well as the life/drama/troubles thing. I'd like more photos of life/everyday things. And it'd be interesting to hear more about your husband's life, how he's adapting to life in Canada, etc.

I also don't think it's a problem to have a "scattered" blog. If you go with a domain name and a drop-down menu, you can always categorize your posts. You don't have to give some topics in favor of others.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I found your blog once through someone else's and I stayed because I realy enjoyed learning about your life in South Korea and the challanges. I really enjoy how you write and all the tales of your experiences.

I am a mom of 4 in Maryland and I work fulltime as a health care professional.

I hope my de-lurking comment inspires others because I think it is only fair that we tell you who we are.


Anonymous said...

Don't like the poll (you can only choose one thing and it won't let you vote again!), so I wanted to say I like the random part of the blog, learning about the struggles and everyday life. Many blogs make it sound like life is all "pink and pretty" -- I'm guessing it's because the bloggers don't tell us about the struggles. I like that you do.

Right now I'm very much enjoying the weight updates on Sunday (it's helping me work on my own weight loss!)

Shelley said...

I chose weight loss..only because I could only pick one thing, and right now that's my focus..or well it will be in 3 months when the baby is born. But honestly I think the weight loss/food/exercise should all be one choice as it all goes together.
I also like the randomness of your blog as well, mostly about your struggles to making life work in a multi-cultural relationship and adjusting to life in Canada, since I am also in the same boat and will be moving to Canada (eventually).
I think what makes your blog unique is that you are open and honest, and it is a breath of fresh air. I hate when marriage/finances/life is sugar coated to the point of being perfect, because we know that is not the truth.

Oh and DO NOT MOVE to Saudi Arabia...I can tell you some stories off line that will blow your mind. If you want ALL your personal freedom taken away, and if you want to be treated like a second class citizen (being a woman) then that's the place to go. My husband has aunts, uncles and friends living there and some of the stuff I've been told by my father-in-law and husband is shocking.
Sorry just my random 2 cents.

Helena said...

I've had my (blogspot) blog for over six years and still haven't maxed out the photo space. Do you know what the capacity is?

*Krista* said...

Hey Jenn, it's Krista! I just wanted to let you know that i love reading and catching up on your blog! I love that your blog and expression is so authentic and true to you! And you are not alone - scattered and all over the place is me too! Some days I dream of moving to far away places (or even back to Korea), some days I want to buy a house and settle down, some days I just think - screw it all - I'm gonna move to a beach and be a bum! LOL!

Point I'm trying to make is, please just be yourself and express whatever is going on at that time, to do anything less, would be unauthentic. Besides, we love you the way you are, so just be your awesome self! *HUGS*