Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday weigh-in #9

Randomness (what I'm good at!):

A ramdom snack this week. Apple slices with cinnamon, dates with almond butter, and water with lime and mint. What a thirst quencher!
On Saturday morning I really wanted to top my multi grain bread with a mini nutella. But sugar was the second ingredient and I'm still going strong with my sugar-free July!
So instead I topped it off with natural peanut butter. The only ingredient is this baby is peanuts. As you can tell I'm not so happy. Little choices is what I keep telling myself!
Quinoa, with tofu and veggies smothered in mmm sauce.....
MANGO! A yummy summer treat
And sometimes life calls for a big ole' plate of nachos for dinner. This was Saturday night supper. Guilty as charged (check out that face)!!! But I also keep telling myself everything in moderation.

I also treated myself to pizza twice this week. YAH! I love how I'm choosing healthy food but still allowing myself to enjoy foods I absolutely LOVE. I also had an intense personal training session on Monday. And ran 5K twice. Once by myself and once with my husband. He's joining this movement too.

And here's what happened this week:

I'm thinking next week if I lose those .8 pounds it's time for some body shots. Exciting!


isman said...

Visits fellow teacher, I thought mom was Korean. After I saw the mother was not the Korean people. But you really a teacher, huh? Your blog is great!

Anonymous said...

Good job Jenn! Ur an encouragement to ur readers! Keep up the good work! I'm cheering for u!

Helena said...

I have a friend who calls nutella "sin in a jar."