Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sunday weigh-in #10

Week TEN, Down TEN +

I don't mind that this weight loss thing is taking FOREVER because the whole point is to make small manageable changes. So far I'm proud of my progression. And (I keep telling myself) I'm not trying to win some race.

And I still like to treat myself by dipping mango into cream cheese icing for example.

I should call this YUMMM YUMMM sauce!

This was my breakfast this morning. Overnight Oats in a Jar topped with toasted coconut and almonds with a sprinkle of almond butter and blue berries.

I always weight in first thing on Sunday morning. And here's what happened this week:

Wowsers! This was last week. And here is where it all began! I can probably attribute this huge loss to all the stress of last week.

Comparison photos -- Sorry for the poor quality but I thought I would at least try to do a side-by-side

And to be honest I don't really see that much of a change. But I feel stronger and healthier and that's what counts plus my clothes are getting too big. Positive thinking people especially after my week!


Helena said...

Looking great! (Good luck!)

Anonymous said...

Good job! You can see a difference in the last photo (back) and in your face, so keep working! I usually gain weight when I'm stressed :(

asiangarden said...

I think you look awesome! :)

Shelley said...

I see a difference in your belly and face. And I am sure you're feeling a difference in your clothes. Good work!!!

Tanya said...

I see a difference. Yay Jen!!!

saebom said...

it's funny. ..your weight is slowly going down and mine is slowly going up! we haven't hit the same weight yet tho^^ soon, very soon.