Sunday, July 03, 2011

Saturday July 2 Food Files

Here are the last of my food pictures. I enjoyed documenting what I ate this week. I tried not to let my picture taking affect my food intake. I think I didn't end up snacking as much because I thought 'oh shit I don't feel like taking a picture of this so I might as well not eat it'. It was a good reminder to 'think' before I put food in my mouth.

I certainly won't be taking pictures of my food again because it's too time consuming. It took over 3 hours to email the photos to myself, download them on my computer and upload them onto this blog. It certainly didn't help with the procrastinating I'm trying to cut down on.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures this week. COMMENTS ARE WELCOME!

spinach onion mushroom (1 egg, 2 egg whites) + cheddar cheese omelet
fruit plate
taste tester at the supermarket
1 chip + dip (cheese and jalapeno)
open faced chicken sandwich loaded with veggies
Greek yogurt
2 mandu (dumplings)
kimchi tuna soup
white rice
Diet coke (+ a sneak peak of what is in the soup)
watermelon with coconut oil


Anonymous said...

You actually eat very healthy. Much better than the average American (or, I'm guessing, Canadian). Lots of good, wholesome stuff. I'm surprised you're overweight. You obviously know how to eat right. Was it just a question of making bad choices (junk food, non-diet soda, etc.)?

Kate said...

You even took a picture of the chip at the grocery store - that's dedication!

Tanya said...

hmmm your omelet looks sooo yummy.