Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I've started running.

I've been doing it for a month or so.

I actually started off hating it.

But now I'm beginning to enjoy it.

Tonight I went for a 5K run -- 5 min. run, 1 min. walk

A first for me.

And I'm proud of myself!


Shelley said...

My friend was having the hardest time losing weight, then she started running, even though she hated it. She has lost 16 pounds in 10 weeks and looks fabulous!
She does variations, incline, high intensity with walking, sprints...etc..
I'm curious if the results will be the same for you. Might have to start that after baby #2 is born. I'll have like 50 pounds to lose UGH! But I think documenting my struggle on my blog (which I have regrettably abandoned) will really motivate me to keep going.

Why am I here??? said...

Awesome Shelley! I think the reason I am doing so well is because I've documented the progress on this blog. I I keep making small reasonable changes. Also, I don't think "shit, I"m going to have to do this for the rest of my life", instead I think "let's just get through this week" AND so far so good!

Diana E.Sung said...

Good for you, Jen! I was starting to get into a walking-to-running groove before pregnancy wiped me out. Now, I'm just to the "do something active every day" bit and will start any training again post-delivery. I've been watching your health progress. You've been doing great!

Shelley said...

Your blog is really motivating me to eat healthier and to really look at my food choices. It's hard in India finding the foods that satiate me, as I get really tired of hot oily curries and rice!
But once the baby is born I really have to put the pedal to the metal.., 50 pounds is no easy feat, and it will probably take me a good year. Can you say DAUNTING!

Why am I here??? said...

Thanks so much Diana -- means a lot! Can't wait to meet your little peanut. Then you can hop back on the exercise wagon you were riding before your pregnancy.

Hey Shelley thanks again for the encouragement. I'm happy to motivate you. AND you don't have 50 pounds to lose. Just 10! Then 10 more, then.......just take it week by week and then the task is not so overwhelming!

Anonymous said...

Shelley... I used to read your blog, but you haven't updated it in so long! Are you pregnant again?

Shelley said...

Anonymous- I'm so sorry, was just thinking today that I REALLY need to start writing again. Even my family at home used to keep up to date with my life here through my blog and have all asked me to continue writing. Life has just been very busy. I am starting to study for my MBA, have an almost 2 year old and YES, am pregnant again and expecting mid-October.
I think it's time to get back to the blog..lots of interesting stuff to talk about!!

Anonymous said...

Shelley - Yes, please update us (with photos!)! I loved your blog!