Sunday, July 03, 2011

Life, Love and you guessed it.....Money (PART 3)

This is a series of truth posts that documents our struggles as a couple.

Sung Hyun came to Canada with his head held high. The money thing with his BIL was more of a blow to me than it was to him. Instead of focussing on the things that were out of his control he simply moved on. It was as if he was briefly knocked down, got up, brushed himself off and carried on. I was mad that he could forgive so easily. I was the opposite. For me it was like being pushed off a sky high building head first, breaking every bone in my body and wanting everyone to know about it. Poor me!

And the wonderful thing about hindsight is that you can look back, realize your mistakes and learn from them. And the wonderful thing about writing is that when you speak truth a weight is lifted off your shoulders and the healing process can begin -- a form of therapy so to speak!

Sung Hyun came to Canada with only his balls; what a unique opportunity to carve out a new life for us in a country full of possibility. Our second chance!

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권투선수 에이미 [Amy] said...

Hey Jennifer,

Hang in there girl! I can't imagine what it's like living back in Canada with your husband but I know you two love each other so much, hell you both went to the opposite sides of the globe for each other!!! Relationships are work and there's going to be obstacles in the road. Whether these obstacles are with your relationship, money, family, or whatever, they're always bound to pop up but just remember you're not alone. You have your man there to go through with it and to hold each other up... to catch each other. Never forget that. You'll be surprised at just how much of a miracle worker love is, as cheesy as it sounds.