Sunday, July 03, 2011

Life, Love and you guessed it.....Money (PART 2)

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The promises of money soon followed us to Canada. I knew that once we boarded the airplane all chances of getting the money from his BIL were nil, yet I still didn't want to believe it. I was in denial (and sometimes even now I still am). Feelings of anger soon overwhelmed our final weeks in Korea. Sung Hyun felt the push from my side to get things in order, but instead trusted that things would come together last minute -- another aspect of Korean culture that I never quite adjusted to. I'm sure he was secretly hoping it would all fall into place. But if it didn't he couldn't do anything about it, he told me.

Sung Hyun came to Canada with only his balls. At least that's what he tells the Koreans living here in Regina, most of whom have immigrated through their wealth. I suspect he is envious of this, yet never fully admits it to me.

He doesn't fit into the Korean community here in Regina for that reason. He doesn't want to be around people who label him, people who stratify him -- an ugly part* of Korean culture that has found it's way here. He's known in Regina as Jennifer's husband and introduces himself as such.

Sung Hyun came to Canada with his balls. But he also came with an open heart, the determination to succeed and his head held high. And it's just now that I'm starting to realize those qualities alone are worth more than any number in our bank account.

To be continued.........

* I say ugly because I think it totally sucks that limits are placed on friendship as a result of age, social class, wealth (or lack of) etc....


Mrs. Kim said...

That's so weird Jen! Is that because there is a big enough K-community in Regina that this type of "class"-ification occurs? Whenever my husband has encountered Koreans in other communities (and granted they've been few and far between) they've always seemed very welcoming and willing to suggest job opportunities, connections etc. I'm not contradicting your experience at all you understand, it's just not what I expected you to say. We wouldn't be considered higher status among other Koreans, either. We have no money, we're still young-ish, etc. Has SH gotten specific attitude from people, or it is it just a vibe? Curious.

Anonymous said...

I really admire your outlook in life and the love and respect you have for each other. It's with determination and Support that you will succeed in life. Best wishes to both o you.

Why am I here??? said...

The Korean community is SUPER small and everyone knows everyones business. And I find they all try to compete with one another about who makes the most money or who has the biggest house.

Thank you for your kind words Anonymous. They MADE MY DAY!