Sunday, July 03, 2011

Friday July 1 Food Files

Breakfast #1:
Breakfast #2:
Whole wheat bagel (1/2) with almond butter (first time eating almond butter...YUM!)
1/2 cup coffee (black)
Leftover pad Thai (always better the second day!)

Canada Day BBQ
home made pie (wild berry with ice cream and lemon meringue pie)

Where the hell did the month of JUNE go? It went by so fast! So fast that I was a day behind. I planned to have a NO SUGAR month in July so I thought I'd end my June with a mars bar and some home made pie.......except that it wasn't the end of June, it was the beginning of July! DUH!

I'm still participating in the no sugar challenge. It's starting July 2nd and going to August 2nd. HE!

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