Monday, July 18, 2011


On Sunday I spent a good couple of hours in the kitchen making healthy eats. I made guacamole, hummus, and mmmm sauce. All nutritious and delicious; a good start to a healthy week ahead.

So for lunch today I had a hummus wrap with cucumbers, tomatoes and spinach. This simple meals was a GREAT lunch!

On the side:
Nachos with guacamole, carrots and 2 dates for dessert.

Breakfast was a flax seed waffle topped with fruit and agave syrup.

Last night dessert and supper:
And a little birdie told me that this was a good way to introduce sweets into our sugar-free July! Thanks Katie!
Sunday supper is always divine!


Anonymous said...

What is mmmm sauce?

Why am I here??? said...

Sorry Anony.....scroll over the words - I've added the link!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much. I will try it.