Monday, July 25, 2011


"The Asians are coming, the Asians are coming....."

Yes it's true, Sung Hyun's mom, oldest sister and 2 nieces are coming to Canada and they land here in 2 days. We've been frantically preparing for their arrival. We're calling it OPERATION ASIAN INVASION (jokingly of course!)

They are staying "with us". And by "with us" we mean our parents house because that's where we live right now. Nothing like squishing 8 people into 1 house for 15 days. Who am I kidding, they will probably think our house is a hotel.

And remember our major basement issue? The one that forced us to sleep RIGHT next to our parents with only one wall separating us. Yah, no fun! Well, our room in the basement is finally put back together. See my excitement:

I apologize for my sweatiness. I just finished my personal training at the gym. Yah for exercise!

Notice the wall colour change? Yah, I didn't think so!

And look at me, the MOST unorganized person making an itinerary for their stay. GO ME!! And remember how I was complaining about how boring my city is and a few of you commenter's suggested that I GO find things to do? Well I never thought I'd be able to entertain my Korean family for 15 days, but check this out:

Wed July 27 -- Arrive at 8:30 pm

Thur July 28 -- MY BIRTHDAY!!!! Go shopping for food, private teach, spend a day in my class (meet my students -- I've already told my Korean student that he's the translator, hehe). Go to a class at my gym. EAT KOREAN food at the local restaurant.

Fri July 29 -- learn how to make Korean food, BBQ party in my house to celebrate my birthday

Sat July 20 -- Dragon Boat Festival in the park, leave for camping, sleep in tent (haha)

Sun July 21 -- go to the beach at the camping site

Mon Aug 1 -- shopping! go the The North Face store.

Tues Aug 2 -- horse riding lessons, RCMP Sunset Ceremony

Wed Aug 3 -- Pancake breakfast fundraiser (to support my dad's Rotary club), BBQ in the park, canoe ride around the lake, Sung Hyun's soccer game at 6:00 pm

Thur Aug 4 -- Moose Jaw Spa/ Casino

Fri Aug 5 -- Exhibition (highlights: Chinese Acrobats, hypnotist)

Sat Aug 6 -- Leave for Banff at 3:00 am arrive at noon, shopping, tour of the ice fields, and Lake Louise. Remember this?

Sun Aug 7 -- Calgary, shopping, Calgary tower

Mon Aug 8 -- drive back to Regina

Tues Aug 9 -- rest & pack, good-bye dinner (nice restaurant!)

Wed Aug 10 -- leave in a.m. ;(
I'm totally ready for ASIAN INVASION!!!!!!!!!!!!!


AND a million and one kisses (and butt slaps!) -- I'm not gonna lie!


cinder131 said...

\LOL! I love reading your blog, you always amaze me! I would be scaed and going nuts if that many of my hubby's family were coming at once :O
Only now did I realize baby Lia shares your birthday!! We had her party last Saturday... Enjoy your day!
Cindy (Samuel, Madalyn, Rachel, Lia)

asiangarden said...

LOL Jenn I love the pictures. :P And 100% agree with Cindy on the ILs!!