Thursday, June 09, 2011

An update of sorts!


I've been feeling so HAPPY lately. Everyone at work is commenting that I always looks so happy and that is because I am (ask my husband and he'll probably tell you a different story). I'm always so damn happy at work and I've decided it's because I love my job. I happily go above and beyond what is required of me. I no longer work for the paycheck -- I almost didn't even open my last pay stub. And THAT alone is huge for me. I'm lucky to be doing something I really really enjoy!


My new job is nothing short of AWESOME! The students are wonderful and it's totally different than teaching at the university. I like the balance of university acedemics during the day and nightime casual English 'play' at Open Door. The students also enjoy having me as their fun (yet wild) English teacher. Some of them have only been in Canada for 3 weeks. I'm so happy to be their first connection to English.


I haven't updated about my lover lately. He quit his manual labour job at the end of March. Since then he's been practicing welding at a local college here in the city. He pays a weekly rental fee so he can prepare for his "B Pressure" welding ticket. If he passes his exam then he will be highly employable. Combine that with his awesome work ethic and he'll have a job in no time. The exam failure rate is 70%


As it stands we are STILL living with mom and dad. It's been great overall and we both know how lucky we are to have parents that support us. The basement renos are underway and we will be paiting this weekend, getting new carpet on Monday and moving our stuff back in the following week. YAY to finally having our own space again. Although I'm used to living with my Korean mother in law in a 1 room apartment so lack of space here certainly isn't a big issue.


It will be nice once Sung Hyun gets a job so that we have a steady income which will allow us to budget and set up some financial goals together. We are NEVER on the same page when it comes to money. Right now, because of Sung Hyun's school fees, our expenses are more than my (our) income. BOOOOO!


I've done a lot of healthy eating this week. I want to jump on the scale and weigh myself, but I keep telling myself to wait until Sunday. I haven't done any exercise in over 2 weeks but starting next Monday I'll be back at the gym with a personal trainer. I can't wait!

It wasn't until I returned from Korea that I realized how unhealthy our family eats (and Canadians in general). I've grown up with 2 working parents so meals were always fast and easy, which usually meant artificial or frozen. I'm making an effort to introduce healthy REAL food into my diet. And slowly but surely it's working!

Happy (almost) weekend everyone!

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Mrs.Kim said...

Do you eat your meals with your parents or do you and SH mostly do your own thing? Are your parents pretty hands-off, giving you guys your own headspace even though you share living quarters?