Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday weigh-in #5

Loving the Sunday weigh-in project. It keeps me accountable and motivated. I encourage those who have blogs to do the same. No better time then NOW.

Week 5 and I'm down 4.4 in total.
I'm thinking that when I hit the 10 pound mark I'll post some updated pictures.

This week my biggest challenge was eating. I worked an insane amount of hours. On Monday and Tuesday I taught for 10 hours straight, which made for a 12 hour work day. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were also busy averaging about 9 teaching hours. I picked up a couple sub shifts and added a couple more private classes which left me pretty exhausted at the end of the week. I keep telling myself that I'm being trained for GRAD school, which I'll start in the fall.


Friday night I celebrated with backyard beers (I had 3). Because I was working hard this week I was starving so I went to a few places on campus to eat. I always chose the healthy options where I could. Last night was killer though. We were invited over to a Korean's house for dinner and it was a full on Korean feast. I couldn't help but eat a little bit of everything. Sung Hyun and I left stuffed to the max. We were both so happy to be eating Korean food that we forgot to slow down and listen to our bodies.

Whole wheat pancakes with 1 strip of bacon for Sunday brunch last week

I did try to incorporate veggies this week

Sunday dinner (last week) was killer. Greek salad, with bacon wrapped fillet minot with roasted veggies, beans and naan bread. YUM YUM!

Since I was wasn't eating very clean this week I decided that I needed to add in exercise. I started personal training at the gym on Monday night and went for a run (jog) 2 times this week. Training will be every Monday for about 1 hour and if I can add in a few more days that will be bonus. YAY for exercise.


asiangarden said...

OMG Jenn! You are doing great! Even with your Korean dinner you lost! I didn't even realize I spelled Kobe with an i, but ya, we do pronounce it "Kobie" lol

Anonymous said...

What do you think has been your biggest change? I know you said you're trying to eat better, but where do you think you cut calories to help with weight loss? Have you given up eating sweets, for example? Or you now have your coffee without milk? Where are you cutting calories the most?

Why am I here??? said...

The biggest change I have made has been adding in more vegetables. I'm also drinking more water and eating more 'natural' food. Also, since I've started this I haven't eaten fast food (with the exception of pitas).

Would you like me to take pictures of everything I eat for a week for the next entry?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that would be awesome! Every single meal for a week (and try not to eat any differently than you would just because you're taking photos!). And maybe once in a while make a comment as to what you would've eaten before instead of this new, healthy choice.

I'm wondering because to lose 1 lb. you need to eliminate 3,500 calories from your diet. That's about 500 less a day and I'm wondering where those calories went and how you managed to cut them out.

Anonymous said...

To the last poster:

You should think of the 1 lb/3500 calories in terms of how much more exercise you need, not food to cut from your diet. Unless you aren't eating quality food...then definitely cut that out.

Anonymous said...

I'm a nutritionist and I can tell you right now that there's no way you'll be able to burn even half of that during exercise. An hour of running on the treadmill burns just 400-500 calories. Go for a walk for an hour and you're barely burning 250-300. If you want to lose weight, exercise is just a tiny part of the equation. Food is most of it.

If you're burning 300 calories a day twice a week, the rest HAS to come from your diet if you're losing a pound a week (like Jen is). So she's basically cutting about 400 calories a day from what she used to it. It's really basic math.

Why am I here??? said...

Thanks for all the comments. So far I have been diligent in taking pictures of everything I've eaten (even if it's only the second day) HE! I know that exercise is only a small portion of the weight loss but mostly I'm just looking to feel good, that's why I'm choosing to eat healthier than I was before but not counting calories. I've heard that 10% is genetics, 10% is exercise and 80% is the way you eat. Sound right?

Anonymous said...

(anonymous nutritionist here :)
Yes, sounds about right.
I usually tell people it's 90% diet, 10% exercise, but yes, genetics is part of it (probably more than 10% if you put it in the equation). You're doing the right thing by not focusing on calories.

Anonymous said...

so... when are we getting photos of this week's meals? we're waiting!