Monday, June 06, 2011

Groupon Coupon!

Remember my first GROUPON buy?

It was love at first site and I've been buying ever since. And here's what I've got presently:

1. Lunch groupon to the Fainting Goat
2. Dinner groupon to the Fainting Goat
3. The Green Ranch Groupon: A basket of free fruits and veggies from a local farm
4. Groupon for 13th Ave. Coffee House
5. McGavin's Bread Basket
6. Groupon for Eat Healthy Foods
7. Tumblers Pizza
8. Body Shop
9. Michi Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar for dinner (x 2), plus one for lunch
10. Mediterranean Bistro
11. Pita Pit

Does this make me look like a compulsive over spender?


Anonymous said...

It depends. How good are the coupons?

Amy said...

Ooooh, definitely a fan of the Fainting Goat ones, and the one for fruits and veggies. Ha ha, and you definitely need a coupon to afford Tumblers. Their pizza is soooo good, but so expensive :(

I've yet to be sucked into sort of frightens me how easily it could happen, and likely get out of hand!!!

Amy said...

Oh! I forgot, I love the croquettes (sp?) from Michi :)

ambearo said...


Jimmy said...

Hi there!

I just came across your blog on the Korean Blog List.

It looks like you've set yourself some great goals. I've been there before, so I can completely appreciate the challenges you face.

My wife and I wish you the best of luck.

p.s. Our blog is if you would like to exchange links.

asiangarden said...


asiangarden said...

Did you use Groupon while in Korea? I noticed they have a Korean site

Why am I here??? said...

The coupons are AWESOME -- at least 50% off everything. Thanks for the recommendation Amy.....sounds like your a coupon groupie too! hehe

Diddo Ambearo! Thanks Jimmy. I really enjoyed your blog. I am jealous that you are planning to go so many wonderful places/ studying several languages!!

YES, I know they have a groupon for Korea but I don't think I discovered it until after I left.....boohoo. Maybe I should go back! ha