Sunday, June 26, 2011

Grad School!

In September I'll start my Masters in Adult Education. I have purchased the first book for my first class which is something about Adults and Learning yada yada!

I'm hoping to read this 500+ page book BEFORE the class starts, but if my previous procrastination proves correct, I'll be reading it the night before my final paper.



Tanya said...

I love holding a new book in my hand. I love the knowledge that seeps through the seams. Now I want to go to the nice air conditioned library and run my hand along the spines of all the old books and just pick one to read! I'm a procrastinator too though and I definitely was cramming textbooks in for my class. Just as a heads up, not sure how the masters of adult education goes but the masters in business we HAD to read the book before the class started because we had assignments due before too!

saebom said...

great news, congrats!

Annie-Me said...

do not procrastinate. Also, don't stress about getting it all read. I do find that what has helped me this time around was reading the chapter before the class (maybe as early as a day before but not longer) because I wanted to know what was going on in the class. Also, it helps you figure out intelligent questions to ask. I have a feeling that if you read now your just gunna waste your time because you won't remember anything come september. You know i'm like the queen of procrastination and I've managed to keep up with all my readings....

You can do it. It'll all come back to you! Also, remember how frustrating it is when your students don't do their homework....reading is like doing your homework...because if you don't read, you won't understand what's going on in class. lol (just a little guilt trip).

Luv yah!