Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The things I've learned

There are several things I've learned during my blogging break. The main one is that I enjoy writing. I need to write. It's my outlet. It's how I relieve stress. It's how I express my feelings when I'm mad at my husband.

Another thing that I learned during my break is that I have the right to express myself on my blog and shouldn't feel bad about what I say since, for the most part, I respect all my commenter's -- even the ones that don't claim name to their nasty comments; and hey, even that's okay.

During my blogging break I stopped writing on my blog and I started reading new blogs. I learned that many people like to talk about their day, about what they ate, about what they did. I enjoy reading those blogs. But I really enjoy the raw, heart felt entries.

So I'm going to continue writing truth, writing honesty.

And that's my promise.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Thank goodness I don't work on Monday's

I'm still fighting my cold. I woke up today and got started on supper (turkey burgers) and then I made some oatmeal for breakfast.

Almond milk with oats and 1 egg white (for protein) with some chia seeds, flax seed and a dollop of cinnamon and raisin swirl peanut butter.

And I can't taste a single ingredient.

Time to lesson plan because I didn't do a single work related thing over the weekend. FUN FUN!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Skipping the updates....and keeping it real!

......and fast-forwarding to real life!

I'm sick right now. So I've spent the weekend drinking water, eating oranges and reading this book.

There is something with 'self-help' books that really strikes a nerve with me. They are the only books I can read from cover-to-cover in one sitting. And they always inspire me. But once I close the cover, life resumes as normal and I get caught up in the hustle and bustle -- work, eat, sleep, repeat! And in that process I haven't incorporated 'healthy habits' that stick. Sound familiar?

So I'm going to document my weight-loss journey. Except I'm not planning to count calories or points (been there, done that!) but rather learn to choose foods that are nutritious and healthy. Which will require both work and sacrifice.

This will be a long and slow journey filled with lots of mistakes. But I'm willing and allowing myself to FAIL so that I can stand up, dust myself off, and continue moving forward.

Lot's of tears will be shed in this process (but hopefully a lot of fat too).

So why not start off by jumping in the deep end head first:

Update # 4


Last week I went for an extensive job interview at Regina Open Door. It took about 2 hours from start to finish. It was comprised of a million and one questions (or at least that is what it felt like) from 3 interviewers. Then I had to write an essay about my position of the role of grammar and vocabulary in the classroom.

I was offered the evening job. I'll be teaching English to immigrants and refugees on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night from 6-9 pm. I start this week!

Update # 3


One thing that I have learned since I've been back in Regina is that I really do LOVE teaching. Being in the classroom with a group full of students is a cure for any ailment. I've walked into the classroom in the most sour of moods and left on cloud # 9. I don't know what it is about it, but it works for me! I love what I do.

Of course there are other things that I don't find particularly appealing about my job, but those are things that exist at every workplace. I just need to learn to focus more on the positives and less on the negatives.

One thing that I'm excited about is that I have been asked to develop the curriculum for the beginner Grammar & Writing course that I am currently teaching.

I taught this class last semester with a reading comprehension book (huh?) and nothing else in place. Instead of complaining about not having the proper books/ no resources for this class, I decided to make my own worksheets. Because of the new copyright laws at the university which prevents us from photocopying pages from books we have bought and then distributing the pages to the students, I had to think of another way I could teach this class. So on the weekend I wrote my own short paragraphs as a model and drew pictures so students could create their own little story from my pictures. There was no mid-term, final exam or class assignments prepared for this program. When I asked if I could write the mid-term exam for my students I was told 'no' because I don't have any curriculum/ test-taking background. Fair enough!

They hired a teacher to write my mid-term but when she became too overwhelmed with other work she opted out of making the final exam. When they had no one in place to write the final exam, I, once again, asked if I could write it. They said 'yes'. I met with the curriculum advisor and set out on a plan. I wrote the exam, it worked well for the class and I did a good enough job to get the attention of the curriculum developer for her to ask me to be in charge of writing the whole curriculum for this course.

What a great opportunity this is!

* ps. for those of you who don't know, I'm a sessional at the University of Regina in the ESL department

Update # 2

GRAD SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been accepted into the Masters of Education Program at the University of Regina. I will start classes part-time in the fall.

Looking forward to going back to school, but I'm definitely nervous!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Update #1

So much has happened since our last chat. Let's play catch up shall we.

Remember our humble abode? The cute little set up we had in our parents basement?


Hello bathroom! Apparently I also forget how to rotate my pictures!!

We knew there was a problem. We just didn't know how bad. The sun was slowly melting the massive pile of snow in the front yard, creating a pool of water for us to clean up downstairs. So instead of just peeling up the carpet and soaking up the mess, one weekend we (not me) decided to pull up more than just the carpet.

A report from one damn expensive engineer later we had a problem to fix. Foundation repairs have been underway for the past month which means we are sleeping right next to my parents. Not like this. But close enough! Maybe too close for comfort!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Where to start?

This blog has evolved and transformed and shifted since it's birth. What once started out as a picture diary of my adventures in Korea is now a platform of TRUTH. A place for me to speak my mind. A place for you to offer advice.

I want to start off this post by saying THANK YOU to each and everyone of you. Sometimes when I write I often don't think of the consequences of my words. I don't think about the millions of people (okay 10 people) that are reading this. That's the thing about this blog......once I put it out there.......it's out.....there.....

......much different than tucking my thoughts in between neatly lined pages of a journal embraced with a lock and key, don't you think?

I couldn't believe the outpour of support I got when I decided to 'disconnect'.

So I'd like to start off this new blogging journey with a big "THANK YOU!"


I am ready.

I am ready to share.

I am ready to stand firm and fight for what I believe in.

I am ready to open my heart up.

I am ready to share my struggles.

I am ready to radiate with happiness.

I am ready to be vulnerable.

I am ready to be bullied.

I am ready to learn.

I am ready to challenge myself.

I am ready to teach.

I am ready to challenge others.

I am ready to share my opinion.

I am ready to inspire.

I am ready to receive criticism.

I am ready to WRITE.

Last (and scariest of all) I am ready to FAIL. Something that I've been afraid to do MY ENTIRE LIFE!


Hello blog world (the few of you who stuck around!). Remember me?

I'm ready to continue with this journey of self discovery through writing.

I am ready to return.