Sunday, January 02, 2011

Work/ looking for a life coach!

When I saw that I was signed up to teach 5 classes at university next semester I jumped for joy. Then when I went for a meeting with my director on Christmas Eve to talk about the new class they are implementing to students from Saudi Arabia I was a little less excited.

I love the challenge of a new year. But for the past month I've quite enjoyed sitting around with nothing to do. I think the plan for Sung Hyun and I when we first got back to Canada was to relax a bit at the folks house and chill out while looking for employment. We were taken off guard when we both got offered jobs almost immediately after we arrived in Canada. In less than 2 weeks from when I landed, I was off to have my first interview with the University of Regina and a week after that I found out I had gotten the job. Seven resumes (submitted on-line) later Sung Hyun had his first interview and a job offer.

WE WERE LUCKY considering some of my American friends who are married to Korean men having lived in North America for much longer and who have a better grasp on the English language are still searching for employment. It's a tough situation when the economy is down and skilled people are out of work.

Sung Hyun just got a job offer on Friday to work for a well-known welding company for $30 an hour. They would take him on without any Canadian tickets or welding experience in Canada. They would pay for him to get his journeyman and support his studies. The job is 2 hours outside of our current city in a very small town. Imagine this blog changing from BIG CITY SEOUL to SMALL TOWN ARCOLA?! Needless to say Sung Hyun turned down the job because it would mean for at least 4 months he would be living in a small town by himself while I was teaching in the city. In his eyes, it just wouldn't work.

Anyways the reason I'm disappointed in the new class at the university is because of that - it's a new class. There is no curriculum. There will be no books. All materials will be developed by the teacher. That teacher is ME (and another lady who is in a similar predicament as me - lived abroad for 5 years and taught English. Me Korea, her Japan). Unfortunately there are no admin hours that will be considered when developing said curriculum. The director has already made it known that expectations are high. We will be responsible for organizing bus tours around the city, to creating games/ activities about Canada to writing special reports to submit to the Saudi government. These Saudi sponsored students are studying English as their full-time job (while their government is paying them $38,000 to $57,000) - more than I'll make this year!

It's not about the money though (although it's disappointing to find out our hard work and efforts aren't recognized) and don't get me wrong I LOVE TEACHING but I'm struggling to know whether this is the next career path I want to follow. It has been decided that by 2013 we will have to be Saskatchewan or Canada level CERTESL qualified which will mean I have to take 6 distance learning courses on-line. I purposely missed the application deadline for registration because I don't know if this is for me (and at the time I didn't even know if I'd be hired on at the university for another semester). That and I could think of a lot of other things to do with $5000.

So Sung Hyun and I have a lot of planning (for him) and soul searching (for me) to do in the next few weeks/ months. It's great to be thriving in Canada and people have mentioned how well we are doing since we've been back. But I still don't feel like I'm on the RIGHT track.

I've got too many options and that my friends has always been my biggest problem!

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Get the U of R to send you to the Languages Without Borders Conference in Montreal April 7-9 and attend some ESL sessions!! Put on by the Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers.