Sunday, January 02, 2011

Sung Hyun's 2011 Resolutions


Yeji said...

Hi Jen,

This is Yeji(if you knew, haha) peeking your blog from now and then and also who commented about your decision making to return to Canada as anonymous before... It seems like your husband and you successfully settle down in Canada quite well and am very happy for that. I think your positivity and mischievousness in life bring you lots of potentialities to be successful. Your good attitude inspires me and gives me good feed back as well.. thank you.

Good luck and god bless you (even tho I am an athiest :P)

Why am I here??? said...

Hi Yeji!!!! thanks for the awesome and encouraging comments. YOU ROCK! Keep reading and keep commenting (and thanks for identifying yourself). HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Maybe I should post more videos? What do you think?

Yeji said...

Definitely the more vedios, the better! :D Keep up the good work! Happy new year to you too!