Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Operation once-a-Day: January 5th

I can feel the anxiety from the crap load of work I'll be doing next week. I'm so not ready, but have to hit the ground running regardless. Monday will be the only day I can eat with my family at a normal time. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I'll be teaching straight from 10:30 am to 8:30 pm with 10 minute breaks every 2 hours. I'll have to eat lunch AND supper during those breaks.

My healthy choice of the day was to eat a good lunch. Pan fried veggies, whole grain toast with butter, corn nuts and a blueberry almond milk spinach smoothie hit the spot!


Anonymous said...

Can you share a list of blogs you've been reading about healthy eating and dieting. I am trying to incorportae more healthy snacks into our diet.

Jennifer said...

you've got me thinking about this one a day healthy choice.

my healthy choice today
clocked 21 minutes of actual work out time on my wii fit (was doing it for a 1/2 hour trying to find the fun games to play) ahha.

Sarah said...

Hey Jen,
I just found your blog a while ago. I'm a nutritionist, so I'll be happy to comment or offer tips if you need help! :) As for your healthy choices, you're doing well. I would've used peanut butter instead of butter on the toast, though, just because it has more nutrients (rather than just being empty calories). Other than that, it's good that you're trying new foods. Some people are stuck with processed foods and never take the time to try out something else.

Best of luck! r

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the job! I know it must be a bit overwhelming, but look at it as a great chance that many would kill for. And a great, great addition to your resume. Take it one day at a time. It'll probably get easier once you get used to the new routine.

Why am I here??? said...

Hey anony, Yes I'll post some links to some of my fav. sites.

Hey Jen, something is better than nothing. And something fun is better than something boring. Good for you for doing that! You should adopt this challange too ;)

Hey Sarah,

That's awesome that you are offering your help. One of my resolutions is to encorporate 'clean' recipes into my diet. Any suggestions?


Thank you kindly for this comment. I just spend an hour going through materials for my classes next week and I got so overwhelmed I almost started to cry. The anxiety I feel at the beginning of the semester (and through the program) is awful. I'm going to have to find a healthy way to relieve stress......besides EATING ;) ONE DAY AT A TIME IS A GREAT APPROACH! Thanks again

Anonymous said...

You can find really good recipes at

I especially love this one (I make it without the beef stock because I'm a vegetarian):

Sarah -