Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Operation Once-a-Day: January 4th

I was in meetings at the university for 5 hours today. Crazy how I have a month off and can't prepare for ANYTHING then I'm go go go for 13 weeks.

So I picked up another class this semester. I'll be teaching 21 hours at the university which doesn't include the admin/ curriculum/ level meetings.

Here's the break down of what's going on starting next week:

* 42 hours at university (1 hour of teaching = 2 hours of pay --> they are assuming it takes 1 hour to prep for each teaching hour)
* 3 hours per week in admin/ curriculum/ level meetings (estimation of 10-12 hours per month)
* 8 hours private teaching 2 students
= 52 hours per week not including my prep

Estimation of extra prep above the 21 paid hours = 10-15 hours per week

That makes for one busy schedule!

Looks like I'll be clocking a minimum of 60 hours a week. YIKES.

Today's healthy choice was to snatch up the opportunity to go to the gym with my friend on her bring-a-guest pass.

I did:

15 min elliptical
15 min stationary bike
15 min row machine
5 min stretching

I love the adrenaline rush you get after you exercise. I forget how good I feel after a workout. I'll have to be doing this more often. I'll just squeeze it in with my work schedule, no problem. NOT

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