Sunday, January 23, 2011

Operation once-a-Day: January 23rd

Today I kicked it into high gear. Sung Hyun and I shovelled the entire roof of my parents house. The whole thing from start to finish probably took close to an hour and a half. I don't know how many calories I burned (I don't really care) but it was a win win for everyone.
I was tired just getting the ladder out of the shed!
Sung Hyun making snow angels
And when I was all done I jumped off!!!!!!!!!!!


Sante said...

Looks like Edmonton.
It's depressing with the amount of snow and twisted wrist after too much snow-removal.
Roof on my house is scarry stacked too but no way that I could ever reach c/z it's a bit too high.. Good thing Montreal is now -35 with wind chill... so I can't complain about here anymore..:)

Anonymous said...

Laughed Out Loud when I saw the pic of you jumping off the roof! Good enough for me to post like me second comment eva!

We should play outside with Haven if it's nice out again - we went for outside pics on was the first time she'd really been in the snow and she loved it!