Sunday, January 23, 2011

Operation once-a-Day: January 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd

Short and sweet -- just like me!:

* On the 19th my friend came over to my place so we could book our tickets to Vegas. She stayed longer than anticipated so when I realized I only had 1 minute left until midnight and I had yet to make a healthy choice I got down into the plank position and held it for a minute. I was shaking ;)

* On the 20th my healthy choice was to not eat dinner after work at 9 pm since I ate some fruit at my lesson.

* On the 21st (Friday) I had a movie date night with my professor so I ate a light dinner so that I could have some popcorn at the movie. Probably shouldn't have had 3 beers afterwards, but hey, it was Friday!

* On Saturday Sung Hyun, my brother and I went for all you can eat sushi. YUM YUM! I was really full from lunch so I didn't over do it at dinner. Then we went to a pub to meet up with friends and I munched on a few sweet potato friend and sipped on a diet coke.
And that was just the beginning!

So my choices were probably not the greatest but I still made an effort. This project is not dead yet! And I've had a lot of positive comments on what I'm doing so I thank you all for your kindness and encourage you too to make small but important changes ;)

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Sante said...

yummy.. can you tell me where the sushi place is ? Myself, wife and kids will go REG/Moose Jaw more often going forward I guess and I sometimes feel something asian. BTW, I forgot the good Korean restaurant you recommmend. is that just called Korean Japanese something like that? BTW, very proud of you putting up with Saudi students with fairness.. I think some of them might need to learn that thing(female teacher can teach and grade male students) bad..