Saturday, January 01, 2011

Operation Once-a-Day: Dec 30, 31, Jan1

Dec 30: Sung Hyun and I took a road trip to Saskatoon to visit my friend Anne-Marie. We first met in Korea in our second year of teaching and have been best buds ever since. She lives in Vancouver now (boooo!) but no matter how many miles we are apart she's still so important to me.

Okay enough mushiness! On the drive to visit her I packed up a cooler of healthy treats instead of grabbing chips and sweets, I opted for an apple and banana.

Dec 31: Annie took me to a health food store so that I could make my own peanut butter. I'm making the switch to natural peanut butter instead of the sugar-filled stuff I was eating before.

Jan 1: I also brought my own cereal and almond milk so that we wouldn't be spending calories and money by eating breakfast at a restaurant.


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Oh, that looks yummy!