Sunday, January 16, 2011

Making a house a home!

With the exception of a few plants I need to buy and a bookshelf that needs to be organized (which will NEVER happen btw) our room has finally come together - it only took 4 months. I finally have a place to display all the treasures I've collected from around the world. Take a peek:
The view from the door
I collect pillow cases. Good thing they only cost me about a $1 each in Thailand, Cambodia, China, and Laos.
Korean tables found outside in the garbage in Korea. My friend used them as nightstands then when she moved I got them. I picked up the 2 plates from Bali on our honeymoon; there were 3 but one broke in transit. The hand-carved Budda statue and picture is from Cambodia. We're not Buddhist but enjoy the pieces as art.
Our wedding photos from Korea, wall hangings from China and elephant cloth from Cambodia. (Our bedroom on the right)
To the left of the entrance is my work area. Wall hanging is from Thailand.
My calendar reads 'September'
Sung Hyun's work space. Also a checkers/ chess table. LOVE THIS PIECE as a make shift desk. AND a perfect size for his laptop.
Bookshelf that doesn't seem to be organizing itself
Holy wowsers! I should be fluent in Korean at this rate.
View from the sofa
Wall hanging from Nepal
Sung Hyun's family photo
Pink pj's from LaSenza (hehe)!
Like it? Love it? Hate it?

My dad was responsible for hanging all the pictures. When I told him where I wanted things to go he put them up how and where he wanted. I get my stubbornness from him!

Now go get your house organized - or start with one room. Stop with the excuses. You'll feel much better once you're done. I promise!


Kimberly Ann said...

Looks great Jen! I have been in my place for 14 months an still haven't really put up much on the walls, at least not as much as I would have liked!

ambearo said...

I love your home- it's warm, inviting and tells who you are and where you've been!

Helena said...

I like it!

Danielle said...

Your home is beautiful! I love the pillows. I'm definitely going to steal this idea.

Anonymous said...

Your place looks so cozy and inviting Jennifer! Glad you are settled in to your little home finally!
Cindy (Samuel, Madalyn, Rachel, Lia)

Tanya said...

Beautiful jen! and even though the bookcase isnt organized the rest of the space is nice and clean!! I wish my house looked like this. You want to come help me?

Rebecca said...

Beautiful! If I was you I'd never move out - but then again I have also spent the last 4.5 years in a studio apt., plus houses are no where near that big back in the U.K.! Perhaps you should be an interior designer? ;)