Saturday, January 08, 2011

I've got 6 zits on my chin

Okay, I thought I'd share my resolutions with you since I like to procrastinate:

For your enjoyment I've broken them down into categories.

* learn about the world
* put a map in my room and study it. Learn the American states and where they are located. Learn a little bit about each country and their relation with Canada
* talk to my dad about world politics
* hire a private Korean tutor
* read more books
* start my online CERTESL program

* learn about health. Try to eat to nourish my body with nutritious foods. Incorporate clean eating into my life.
* continue with my operation once-a-day project
* start loving my body more
* eat less meat

* stop spending mindless hours surfing the Internet. Severely limit my time spent on the computer. Get another hobby besides checking Facebook 20 times a day
* volunteer somewhere to make a difference even if it's only a small one
* be a better blogger
* write, write, write!

* connect more with my Korean family by sending them letters and presents in the mail
* respect my parents more and start doing more around the house. Cook meals for my parents every week. Help my mom with her weekly chores
* invest in my friends. Make new ones!

* plan monthly dates with my husband and find a hobby/ activity we can do that we'll both enjoy
* get more connected with hubby

* save money so I can travel (I'd really like to quit my job and travel the world!)
* live with my parents until next winter (move out in late September early October assuming it's a buyers market) and aim to bank $30 000 Canadian in a year. Factoring in several possibilities: 1) Sung Hyun quitting his job to challenge the provincial practical welding exam ($2400). 2) Me going to Vegas in April for 1 week ($1200). 3) Sung Hyun buying a Canadian Goose Jacket ($700). 4) Paying for moms' trip to Canada in the summer ($2000)

***** NOTE: These factors are my estimate but might change after we have our meeting with our financial representative (aka. my mom)

* own property & find a live in roommate

* pick up extra classes at the Regina Open Door when I can
* lesson prep for my classes
* put effort and energy into my weekly private English lessons
* set up a strict work routine and stick with it.
* sit down and seriously consider what I want to do. Get off my butt and stop being so chicken shit to think I'll fail. In other words, apply to CSIS

* become more organized (with the help of my mom)
* become less tolerable of a messy room
* spend less time watching TV and more time watching TED
* get inspired and go with it!
* get back into public speaking
* stop with the negative self-talk and continue with the positivity (several people have commented about how positive I am as a person -- but these days I'm a ball of negative energy)

See, I told you I had 100 resolutions. Am I being too ambitious? Now I'm going to crawl into bed and cry myself to sleep! Much love to all my readers near and far!!!!!


ashattack said...


ashattack said...


Amanda said...

Check your contract and handbook details. Maybe it's different in Canada and/or at the university level, but in the States, it's nearly always the case that anything you create while working for a school or district belongs to that district. (Since you're not in a tenure-track position, I wonder if that applies to you, too.) It becomes their intellectual property.

Where did the binders you're talking about come from? Did they come from previous teachers? Who made them? Find that out, too. Because if they were created by former teachers, you probably don't have a leg to stand on. :(

saebom said...

wow, tall order!

2 questions. . .why do you want to live in vegas in april, and why do you want to learn where the u.s. states are located? do you have to teach that?

btw, jamie went to the #1 exam hs in boston, supposedly the oldest public school in the u.s., and his sense of geography is horrendous! (even u.s. geography.) whenever we hear the news he'll ask me something like, "where is jakarta, is that in africa?" uh, no.

but, that being said, he can do math like it's no one's business, and maybe his 7 years of latin and school's emphasis on public speaking may have helped him along the way. hee hee.

good luck with these! question tho, how are you going to measure you're being successful at each of them? how will you know/gauge? when i used to make resolutions/goals i only made them if there was a concrete way to tell i could be accomplishing them rather than just "knowing." know what i mean? like exercise 3x/week for at least 1 hr/day is measurable (and achievable cause there's a plan) when "exercise more" or "get stronger" is not as much.

but way to be ambitious! 화이팅!

Foreigner Joy said...

Wow! What I would suggest is looking over your list of resolutions and coming up with one sentence that sums it all up. Then shoot for that everyday.

But good luck with the next semester. If anything it sounds like it will put a lot of experience under your belt. ;)

Why am I here??? said...

Yes I will do that Amanda. There were ppl hired to write the curriculum for the other courses however this course was 'forgotten' about.

Yes Saebom, I will make my goals more measurable. I want to improve my geography because I live in North America so i should know where the states are located -- even if I'm not American. p.s I'm going to Vegas for a week vacation with friends ;)

Thanks Joy!

Work stuff has been deleted btw. I'll let you know how my meeting with my boss goes!

Anonymous said...

You have great goals/resolutions, but I do agree that they need to be more specific. Otherwise it will be hard to see whether you met them or not.