Monday, January 31, 2011

Operation once-a-Day: then till now

Hello Everyone! It's Monday January 31st. Where has the time gone?

Today I woke up and made some healthy eats for breakfast. Luckily I don't work on Mondays so I've got an extra long weekend. Today I slept in until noon and when I finally got out of bed I made a 3 egg white + veggie egg scramble and 2 (I could only eat 1) whole-wheat pancakes made with Almond milk - topped with apples, cinnamon, walnuts and sunflower seed butter. It was delicious AND nutritions......IMAGINE THAT!

Last week I SUCKED big time in the eating department. On Thursday, after coming home from work at 9 I ordered a single size pizza and polished it off before bed. Oh how I miss pizza in Korea with it's strange but surprisingly good toppings. Then I ate 2 helpings of dessert one night. I always get like this 1 week after my period. I need an action plan for this time. Thoughts?

On the weekend I went snowboarding with my university class. It's part of their language and culture class that I'm teaching. I brought Sung Hyun along and he sat at the back of the bus with all the Saudi students. It was a BLAST!

Then Saturday night, we feasted on Indian food with a good friend of ours - actually my former university professor. We have officially found our Indian fix in Regina, although it was a little pricey compared to what I'm used to in Korea.

Then on Sunday I stayed in my pj's for the WHOLE day. It felt great to lay horizontal for most of the day and just chill out with my family. If Sung Hyun had it that way he'd be doing that every weekend.

Speaking of Sung Hyun, he just got accepted into Regina Open Door's English program. He will officially start classes tomorrow. The program runs from Monday - Thursday from 6:45 pm till 9 pm. And the best part is that it's FREE. So Sung Hyun will get 8 hours of English study a week. I'm stoked because this will allow him time to have his own social life. Hopefully he can meet some friends too.

I've completed 3 full teaching weeks at the university. The program runs for 13 weeks with mid-term exams in week 6 and final exams in week 12. I love teaching the beginner level. It reminds me of when I first started dating Sung Hyun. The best part about this job is that in between contracts I get a month vacation. So this year I'll be looking forward to a month off in April and August and then another one over Christmas. Time off rocks!

Two weeks ago I had my first meeting with a life-coach. Remember me writing about wanting some direction in my life in a former post? Well, my friend Saebom from Korea knew someone who was needing new clients. The first session went well but I will have to pay to continue if I so choose. Still undecided about that ;)

Starting next week I'm going to join the gym. In fact, I'm taking it one step further. My friend and I have hired a personal trainer. It was surprisingly only $9 a week for a one hour one-on-one session. Sung Hyun had intentions of joining the gym too but I don't know how that will work now that he's starting school. I will be sure to post before and after shots of my progress - assuming I make any!

So ever thought I sucked at eating healthy this week I still made healthy choices. Here's what I remember of last week:

* I stopped at my friends house and decided not to eat the pizza that was offered to me
* I substituted Greek yogurt (which is full of protein) for sour cream for dinner one night
* I only ate 5 pieces of kimbab at my private tutoring lesson
* I skipped the sweet snacks at my friends birthday party

I'm excited to start going to the gym again and even more excited to eat healthy! It takes a lot of planning, time, energy and effort to eat properly. It also costs a lot of money. But I'm excited to start being excited about getting healthy ;)

Hope everyone has a great week. KEEP SMILING!!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Sunday Funday!

Resolutions Re-visited!

I thought I should go through some of my resolutions and add some more details:

* learn about the world
* put a map in my room and study it. Learn the American states and where they are located. Learn a little bit about each country and their relation with Canada
* talk to my dad about world politics
* hire a private Korean tutor
* read more books
* start my online CERTESL program

- FAILING IN THE EDUCATION DEPARTMENT! Haven't done any one of these!

* learn about health. Try to eat to nourish my body with nutritious foods. Incorporate clean eating into my life.
* continue with my operation once-a-day project
* start loving my body more
* eat less meat

- I put Tosca Reno's Eat Clean Diet book beside my nightstand and have been reading a few pages before I go to sleep.
- Operations once-a-day still going strong!
- have started focusing on more positives in regards to my body.
- have bought tofu and added more beans in my diet as a substitute.

* stop spending mindless hours surfing the Internet. Severely limit my time spent on the computer. Get another hobby besides checking Facebook 20 times a day
* volunteer somewhere to make a difference even if it's only a small one
* be a better blogger
* write, write, write!

- still surfing the Internet like crazy. BOOO!
- have been making an effort to get on my blog to give updates more than I usually do. Included in that is commenting more on ppl who leave comments. Btw, I heart comments!

* connect more with my Korean family by sending them letters and presents in the mail
* respect my parents more and start doing more around the house. Cook meals for my parents every week. Help my mom with her weekly chores
* invest in my friends. Make new ones!

- have started again with the weekly meals. I'm incorporating more clean choices with dinner. Tonight I made a bean salad
- have been hanging out with friends and commenting more on their Facebook statuses.

* plan monthly dates with my husband and find a hobby/ activity we can do that we'll both enjoy
* get more connected with hubby

- we have decided we are going to start rock-climbing. We just missed the cut off so we'll have to wait until mid March.
- Sung Hyun made a rule that no matter what we are doing we have to have a 'bed date' at 10 pm every night. So we both talk about our day and cuddle on the bed for 15-20 minutes every night. So far we haven't run out of things to say. HEHE!

* save money so I can travel (I'd really like to quit my job and travel the world!)
* live with my parents until next winter (move out in late September early October assuming it's a buyers market) and aim to bank $30 000 Canadian in a year. Factoring in several possibilities: 1) Sung Hyunquitting his job to challenge the provincial practical welding exam ($2400). 2) Me going to Vegas in April for 1 week ($1200). 3) SungHyun buying a Canadian Goose Jacket ($700). 4) Paying for moms' trip to Canada in the summer ($2000)

***** NOTE: These factors are my estimate but might change after we have our meeting with our financial representative (aka. my mom)

* own property & find a live in roommate

- we will start keeping track of our expenses next month then we can budget accordingly. If we want to achieve our financial goal this year, we'll have to save $2500 a month. I have always been good with saving money. It's Sung Hyun that needs some help ;) We still are struggling with a way to make it work for the both of us.

* pick up extra classes at the Regina Open Door when I can
* lesson prep for my classes
* put effort and energy into my weekly private English lessons
* set up a strict work routine and stick with it.
* sit down and seriously consider what I want to do. Get off my butt and stop being so chicken shit to think I'll fail. In other words, apply to CSIS

- work is going alright. Due to my late schedule I won't be able to teach at Regina Open Door. But that's okay because we just found out tonight that Sung Hyun got accepted to study English there. He'll be in class Monday to Thursday from 6:45 to 9 pm.
- Surprisingly I have been going to work about 2 hours early to get necessary prep done for classes. Also, I stayed 2 hours late on Thursday so that I wouldn't have to do any work on the weekend. I'm very surprised in myself.
- still haven't decided what I want to do with my life yet!

* become more organized (with the help of my mom)
* become less tolerable of a messy room
* spend less time watching TV and more time watching TED
* get inspired and go with it!
* get back into public speaking
* stop with the negative self-talk and continue with the positivity (several people have commented about how positive I am as a person -- but these days I'm a ball of negative energy)

- since cleaning my room it has remained clean.
- I have decided that I'd like to watch 2 TED episodes a week.
- I have volunteered to do some public speaking with my dad's Rotary Club after my semester is complete.

Operation once-a-Day: January 24th

Today I made quesidillas for dinner. I had an open-faced one so that I could skip on extra calories from the tortilla. I also skipped the sour cream. I did go back for some more nachos and cheese however!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Operation once-a-Day: January 23rd

Today I kicked it into high gear. Sung Hyun and I shovelled the entire roof of my parents house. The whole thing from start to finish probably took close to an hour and a half. I don't know how many calories I burned (I don't really care) but it was a win win for everyone.
I was tired just getting the ladder out of the shed!
Sung Hyun making snow angels
And when I was all done I jumped off!!!!!!!!!!!

Operation once-a-Day: January 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd

Short and sweet -- just like me!:

* On the 19th my friend came over to my place so we could book our tickets to Vegas. She stayed longer than anticipated so when I realized I only had 1 minute left until midnight and I had yet to make a healthy choice I got down into the plank position and held it for a minute. I was shaking ;)

* On the 20th my healthy choice was to not eat dinner after work at 9 pm since I ate some fruit at my lesson.

* On the 21st (Friday) I had a movie date night with my professor so I ate a light dinner so that I could have some popcorn at the movie. Probably shouldn't have had 3 beers afterwards, but hey, it was Friday!

* On Saturday Sung Hyun, my brother and I went for all you can eat sushi. YUM YUM! I was really full from lunch so I didn't over do it at dinner. Then we went to a pub to meet up with friends and I munched on a few sweet potato friend and sipped on a diet coke.
And that was just the beginning!

So my choices were probably not the greatest but I still made an effort. This project is not dead yet! And I've had a lot of positive comments on what I'm doing so I thank you all for your kindness and encourage you too to make small but important changes ;)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Work update!

Teaching is going well. I actually really enjoy my classes this semester -- challenging and completely different from last semester!

All of my students are beginner level. And all of my students, except for 1 Chinese student, are from Saudi Arabia. Saudi students are VERY different than Asians. They are challenging, confrontational and opinionated. They tell me not to mark them absent when they don't come to class because they are too tired and they tell me whether or not they are going to participate in the activity. It makes for a very interesting environment.

Most of the Saudi students are sponsored by their government. They get free school and flight tickets to Canada as well as a salary to study. They earn more than me! Seriously!

But I do enjoy being in the classroom. I love being in the front leading the group (even if they don't want to participate). I love watching when the light bulb goes off in their head. I love being a part of their learning.

And I imagine for some of them, this is the first time they have been bossed around by a woman (other than their mothers of course).

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Operation once-a-Day: January 18th

After I came home work at 8:30 I decided to eat this light meal for dinner. Veggies plus 1 egg + 1 egg white with hot sauce. YUM YUM!

What was your healthy choice?

Monday, January 17, 2011

Operation once-a-Day: January 17th

Today I made sure to eat 3 really healthy meals because of my last night munch fest. But my healthy choice was making an effort to get in some exercise. I asked Sung Hyun to train me in our at home gym. So before dinner he did just that!
He kicked my butt and although the length of time was short (about 15 min) the intensity was high (that or I'm out of shape!).


Operation once-a-Day: January 15th & 16th

On Saturday I decided that since I was going to eat at a restaurant for dinner that I would eat a healthy lunch. So I had a plate of hummus, crackers, carrots, peas, tomatoes, grapes, black berries, cheese and sausage (which I gave to Sung Hyun).
Sunday dinner is always family dinner which is accompanied with dessert. Today's healthy choice was to pass on dessert; Sung Hyun thought differently though:

Even though I passed on dessert my friend Kristin came over with DQ blizzards. So I did end up eating ice cream and chips while we watched a movie. Boo! Then, I paid for it on Monday morning when I woke up with a huge stomach ache.

Here are 2 other healthy bloggers that I frequent:

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Making a house a home!

With the exception of a few plants I need to buy and a bookshelf that needs to be organized (which will NEVER happen btw) our room has finally come together - it only took 4 months. I finally have a place to display all the treasures I've collected from around the world. Take a peek:
The view from the door
I collect pillow cases. Good thing they only cost me about a $1 each in Thailand, Cambodia, China, and Laos.
Korean tables found outside in the garbage in Korea. My friend used them as nightstands then when she moved I got them. I picked up the 2 plates from Bali on our honeymoon; there were 3 but one broke in transit. The hand-carved Budda statue and picture is from Cambodia. We're not Buddhist but enjoy the pieces as art.
Our wedding photos from Korea, wall hangings from China and elephant cloth from Cambodia. (Our bedroom on the right)
To the left of the entrance is my work area. Wall hanging is from Thailand.
My calendar reads 'September'
Sung Hyun's work space. Also a checkers/ chess table. LOVE THIS PIECE as a make shift desk. AND a perfect size for his laptop.
Bookshelf that doesn't seem to be organizing itself
Holy wowsers! I should be fluent in Korean at this rate.
View from the sofa
Wall hanging from Nepal
Sung Hyun's family photo
Pink pj's from LaSenza (hehe)!
Like it? Love it? Hate it?

My dad was responsible for hanging all the pictures. When I told him where I wanted things to go he put them up how and where he wanted. I get my stubbornness from him!

Now go get your house organized - or start with one room. Stop with the excuses. You'll feel much better once you're done. I promise!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

This year, we are........

This is a spin off of this post - check it out first!

.......participating in bake exchanges
.......playing board games with family
......decorating Christmas cookies
.........continuing with family traditions.......making memories with family and friends

.......eating turkey .......opening a mound of presents

.....drowning in a mound of snow!


This reflective post can't but help make me wonder what kind of adventures we will have next year.

Next year, we will........

STAY TUNED! (ya' just gotta wait another year ;)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Operation once-a-Day: January 13th & 14th

Last night (Jan 13th) after ordering an egg roll with dinner and taking two bites, I made a conscious decision not to finish it. It wasn't that tasty and I shouldn't have ordered it in the first place.

This morning (Jan 12th) I woke up at 6:20 so that I could sneak in a 20 minute workout. I speed walked for 10 min., ran for 5 min., then finished it off with a 5 min. slow walk for cool down followed by some light stretching.

See proof:
Today I work from 10:30 am to 8 pm. It's going to be a looooooong day!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Operation once-a-Day: January 11th & 12th

Yesterday (Jan 11th) my healthy choice was to NOT eat anything after work at 9 pm. I went to the kitchen and was deciding between waffles with cheese or chips to munch on. I took neither.
This morning (Jan 12th) I made a nice bowl of healthy oats for breakfast:
I survived my first day of classes yesterday. I'll update more on the weekend!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Operation once-a-Day: January 10th

Let the fun times begin!!!!!!

Tomorrow is the first day of classes. I haven't prepared too much. I'm not all that nervous. If the director of the ESL department hasn't prepared a curriculum for one of my classes and isn't worried about it, then why should I. Life would be less stressful (and I'd have less wrinkles) if I just stopped worrying so damn much. So here's to not worrying!

Today's healthy choice was a nice big glass of water with a multi-vitamin before bed. And I even woke up at 6:20 am today to get into the NORMAL working day routine; although I'm working till 8:30 pm tomorrow ;(

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Saturday! and a sneak peek of Sunday ;)

On Saturday, my parents and our friends used our recent GROUPON purchases and went to the local Science Centre to check out the OUR BODIES exhibit. Disappointing!
Good thing we had fun in the Science Centre section:
On Sunday I finally cleaned my room. Here is a sneak peek of some changes: