Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What's up buttercup?

1. My awesome friend Doyoung from Korea sent me this nice little Korea Starbucks coffee mug for Christmas. I'm so lucky to have such a special friend. Thanks Doyoung!
As happy as I am to drink from this mug tonight it's not filled with sweet savoury tea but with lemon NeoCitron

2. I'm sick!

3. Two massive pimples have decided to gang up and make friend on the left side of my chin. And by gang up I mean sit side-by-side acting as a mountainous volcano ready to burst. Feels like high school all over again.

4. Our mortgage approval from the bank got REJECTED so even if we wanted to buy a place and move out, we couldn't without a) a larger down payment b) a co-signer.

5. Average bed time sleeping time (bed time sleeping time? - make sense?), since I'm on vacation, is around 3:30 am.

6. I have been occupying my time by watching the latest TV drama (latest to me having just return from living abroad) called 24.

7. My husband has been going hard at work for over 2 months now. Working in -25 degree weather and coming home with a smile on his face still makes me tingle inside.

8. A tornado has gone through my room and as much as my husband tries his best to keep it clean, somehow I am successful at counteracting his efforts.

9. A month ago I bought a bunch of Christmas gifts to send to my Korean family and friends. They still sit in the corner of my room.

10. Bought a second Groupon tonight! (is it bad that I stay up past 12 to find out what the next groupon will be. Addicted? YES!)


Anonymous said...

I have that exact same coffee cup!! I love it....the best souvenir ever from Korea!

Why am I here??? said...


David said...

How about more video tape of you speaking korean?