Saturday, December 18, 2010

Time for plan B

So just when I was thinking about some back up plans if the university teaching job didn't pull through I get an email from my director with an outline of the temporary teaching plan for 2011.

I scrolled down the first long list of classes and didn't see my name. Time for plan B, I though (which by the way was to be a stay at home wife......haha NOT!).

Then holy snap I see my name again and again and again and again and again (that's 5 times if you weren't counting). I'm teaching 5 classes next semester. That's a total of 18 teaching hours. Which works out to 36 paid hours, since for every hour of teaching they pay me for an hour of prep. That's like a full-time job people!!!!!


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Melanie Kidder said...

So happy for you Jen! You are a wonderful teacher:)