Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Operation once a day!

Dinner was pizza and salad (any other ppl out there that could eat pizza everyday?). Well it was more like lunch for me since I woke up at 3pm and ate this 3 hours later. That's what happens when you don't go to bed until 6:30 am.......MY BAD!

After lunch/ dinner we went shopping to find some winter work clothes for Sung Hyun. Poor guy works outside in -25 degree weather. Sung Hyun was a little shocked to find that prices are 20 times higher in Canada (no joke!). This pair of coveralls were $520. Needless to say we walked out empty handed.

healthy choice #6: I was going to grab a diet coke and bag of chips for my evening snack but decided on an orange and glass of water instead.

Small meaningful choices. I love this little project! Anyone getting bored of seeing me post everyday about this? Any suggestions for other things to blog about? Suggestion box OPEN!
Random act of kindness: Today since we didn't buy anything in the work clothing store we gave our $10 discount coupon to someone who was standing in line and wished them a Merry Christmas!


Danielle said...

I like your 'operation once a day' because I can relate.

Anonymous said...

Not getting bored. Love the once-a-day choices.

Foreigner Joy said...

Doing just fine :)

Foreigner Joy said...

About "operation once a day" IT's great, but change post title...when I see it in my queue I think it is an old one... maybe "Operation Once a Day: Tuesday" or something