Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Operation Once-a-Day: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

Dear Jen,

Just because you didn't post for 3 days doesn't give you the right to forgo this project. Nothing in life is perfect, so stop trying to BE perfect. You have my permission to forget to take pictures of your operation once-a-day, yet still keep posting about it.

Your truly,


Okay now that I've got that off my chest let's carry on.

Sunday: decided to go without the sugary drink at the movie and had water and dry popcorn instead.

Monday: sprinkled flax seed on my peanut butter corn puff things (you know the ones that look like a round piece of cardboard)

Tuesday: went for second helpings at lunch (yummy Indian food btw) and decided not to finish off my plate. I didn't plan this. I was just full and decided not to over stuff myself. So maybe this doesn't count. BUT I don't care, because I'm not perfect!

Okay Jen, carry on.......

(sometimes I need to give myself a pep talk). I've got the post-Christmas blues coupled with a very homesick husband. Cures anyone?

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