Tuesday, December 07, 2010

My year in facebook status updates!

Some highlights 2010:

1. Found my dream house. One that I could never afford to buy.
2. Got a cool job at the Blue House.......almost didn't take it. Turned down the offer twice.
3. Lived with my mother-in-law for 6 months. And didn't regret a moment.
4. Applied for Canadian sponsorship for my husband. Then contemplated (briefly) becoming an immigration lawyer since I nearly memorized the application package instruction booklet.
5. Road block: had to send in some more missed document. Maybe the immigration lawyer thing wasn't a good idea.
6. Partied with the Presidents' body guards
7. Celebrated my first anniversary with my hubby
8. Played the waiting game with the sponsorship application package
9. Applied for a university job at the exact university I went to just 5 years prior and got it!
10. International move to Canada with the biggest souvenir yet -- my husband

Holy shit! Major changes in 2010 -- what a busy year. Wonder what's in store for 2011? You'll have to hang on and see!

p.s. thanks for reading


Dodo said...

I think I have to steal your idea and have a blog post about 2010 as well ;-)))

Why am I here??? said...


Helena said...

I did this last year and when I clicked on "chose different statuses" I was able to copy the whole thing and then post it to my blog (with some editing). This time I can't seem to copy it. So I'm doing it the hard way.

Why am I here??? said...

AH! The hard way? As in typing out all the status updates?