Friday, November 05, 2010


Ahhhh I keep forgetting my camera so I haven't been as diligent with taking pictures as I was in Korea. I took my camera with me EVERYWHERE in Korea. I should get into the habit of doing it again. My friend Jennifer told me that there are interesting things I'm doing in Canada that I just haven't been documenting (Halloween parties/ kids trick-or-treating for instance)

Anyways, life is slowing down a bit. Which means I can start preparing some of my own meals. Usually I just eat whatever my mom cooks for dinner (which is good b/c I don't have time to prepare my own and it's included in the cost of rent.......and b/c they are some of my Western favourites). I will try to keep up my FATTIE FILES Canada style project for a little bit longer before I get bored.

In other news, it snowed last week. But thankfully the sun has cleared up most of it because it was NOT FUN!
Last weekend I spent 16 hours marking (and double marking with another teacher) student mid-term exams. I didn't even have time to hand out candies to the little kiddies. But thankfully this little dinosaur stopped by to say hi and "offer me a hand with marking".....haha!


Anonymous said...

Awwwww he is the cutest dinosaur ever!!!!!!!

Tanya said...

awww little M gonna grow up to be a teacher too!!