Sunday, November 21, 2010

Korea Re-visited!

These days my diet and Korean studies sit side-by-side (keeping each other company) on my back burner. I had high hopes of studying Korean by myself in Canada. HAH! Who am I kidding? I NEVER was an independent studier. Even in university I had to have a study group for EVERY SINGLE CLASS. Usually I would make friends with students who were more reserved and our study sessions would include me 'teaching' them the material -- it's how I learned best. Even when I was in my first semester of Korean studies I took pride in teaching things I already knew to the students who did know.

Anyways, this post is dedicated to my AWESOME Korean teachers at Sogang. These pictures were taken the last day of school about a week before I left Korea.
Our super cute and extra kind level 2 speaking teacher who will be leaving shortly to study English in America
The best writing teacher EVER! I hope she never stops teaching! She does an amazing job!
My level 1 speaking teacher. She's one hip momma of three who looks younger than me!
My reading and listening teacher. MY LEAST FAV. CLASS BTW (not because I didn't like my teacher, but because I always struggled with this class the most). After graduation she gave me a stack of homework for all the classes I missed during the semester. I missed a lot due to work. I wasn't very happy to have homework AFTER the semester was done. She told me I had to mail it to her! hehe

I never did take my level 2 Korean final exam even though I rocked the mid-term. The level 2B books were difficult for me to get through. I couldn't balance school with work when all the Korean material was new to me. I certainly don't regret not taking my final exam though since my intention of taking classes wasn't to get a certificate but to be able to communicate better with my Korea M.I.L.

I would like to walk across the Sogang stage one day and receive my level 6 graduation certificate. That's ONE of my goals in life ;)


Shelley said...

It's never easy to learn a language when you aren't immersed in it everyday. When I was in Korea I learned the language so quickly because I was always using it. Even here in India, it's really difficult to learn Hindi, and almost all my western friends here have not learned it either, because our husbands speak English and so do our in-laws. Plus businesses work all in English and 90% of signs and reading material here is in English as well. it's not impossible to learn it, but it just takes THAT much more work.
PLus you're so busy with work, your family speak English, your hubby probably also trying to speak more English (so it's easier for him there) which makes it super hard to motivate yourself. When you have free time you just want to chill..not study. I get it.
I'm sure after things settle for you, you'll find some time and get back to it.

saebom said...

where is 쓰기 선생님 going to study english?