Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Career choices!!!

On Wednesday of last week my supervisor observed my Communication class. At the end of the class she said "that was awesome". Yesterday I sat down with her to go over the observation report that will be signed off by the ELS director and placed in my file. She said I did well and couldn't provide me with with any ways to improve my class. It felt great to get positive feedback considering the troubles I'm having with some students in my Grammar and Writing class.

My job will end December 2. Then I have a series of meetings to attend - admn stuff and the like (what I refer to as the 'me no likie' part of my job).

I had a meeting with the ESL director about job possibilities in the future. There is no doubt that I was lucky to squeeze into this position. She hinted at that, I know that. Although I did well with the teaching part of the job, as evident by my class reviews, I'm lacking in the credentials part of the job (which I realize is as equally important). So it's up to me what to do next.

I have two options:

1) take classes to work towards a Masters
2) take an on-line distance learning Canadian recognized CERTESL program

Both of these options will require time and money. I know I do better learning in a classroom environment so I'm reluctant to take the distance learning courses. Another thing that I need to consider is that work as a sessional lecturer is NEVER guaranteed. So even if I do further my education in this field, the possibility of working in the ESL department at the university is increased significantly, but never for certain. That's just the nature of working at a university. Getting a permanent position is next to impossible. And meeting with my former Women's Studies/ Sociology/ Crime & Justice professor for lunch last week just further conformed that. She's been a sessional lecturer at the university for her whole career as a professor.

Another option for me is to pursue the Criminal/ Law aspect of my degree --although quite different than Education, it is what I actually majored in. Law school? Social work? Social Policy?

And then this morning I was plesantly greeted with a message from my boss in the Blue House telling me that I should come back to Korea so that I can work for them again. That's tempting!

SOOOOOO, the options are there. I'm lucky to have so many choices. It's up to me to decide which path to take. Always by far the hardest part.

Suggestions are certainly welcome. I'm also taking applications for people who are interested in becoming my life coach. (kidding. sort of)!


Tanya said...

baha I thought you already had a life coach picked out!

Go with what you feel and make it work!

Amanda said...

I have no advice other than agreeing that if you don't study by yourself, an online class is not the way to go--and certainly not an online program. I've had to take online classes (as well as televised ones) and it can be REALLY hard to motivate yourself when you have to sit in front of a computer to "go to" class.

Anonymous said...

use the experience to be an ESL or english secondary teacher. Its a steady job and it is a 1-2 year program.

Shelley said...

I would go the masters route, as I think it would open more doors for you and be less constricting and provide more options than an ESL certification. With ESL it backs you into a corner (just my two cents of course)
I have taken some classes towards a Masters, and I did really well because I was able to motivate myself. But it's not for everyone. I think once I get my residency here in India, I'll do my masters here.

Helena said...

Yep, my husband's been adjunct faculty for ten years now. Those full-time positions are very hard to come by.

Good luck!

Sante said...

I have absolutely no experience in teaching anyone. but I think I would get a job when I am offered (full time). Mywife gave up her master's degree after completing first semester at UofA c/z she got a full time job from somewhat gov't job and we both agreed that there's no guarantee that she can get that job regardless of whatever degree.. you know when it comes to recession, there's no such full-time job.. when there's a chance, that what it takes... btw, excited for the Greycup? I support SK watermellon/riders on behalf of sorta western Canadien;;

Why am I here??? said...

thanks for the input everyone!

Update - at the sessional lectures meeting today I found out that I will indeed have to be Canadian level TESL accredited by July 2013 if I am interested in continuing working for the university. SO, it looks like I will have to sign up for the distance learning course! BOOHOO

Amanda said...

July 2013? Wow, that's quite a bit of time. Are they basically hiring you until then?

(Of course, I have five years to take four classes to get my gifted endorsement, which seems like a ridiculously long time to me.)