Monday, November 22, 2010

Because I care

Sometimes it is hard to detach from my students. I try hard to do the best I can everyday at my job. When I have an awesome class it caries me through the entire day. It's like a natural high. And then, days like today, there are times when I give my students some extra time to do in-class writing and they abuse this privilege by talking with their partner while I circulate the room checking their writing outlines for a test the following day. Instead of sitting at the front of the class having students come up to me with their outlines while I approved or disapproved of them, I went to each student individually at their table and sat with them while I discussed what could be changed and how their writing could be improved. I did this because I care that they do well on their exam. So while I was counselling them individually I couldn't, at the same time, police them.

But to be honest, I shouldn't have to. They are adult learners and have to take responsibility for their own learning. I provide them with the tools to write and then it's up to them to take the initiative. If they want to sit around all class and not work, then it's up to them.

I recon this is something that mothers (and fathers) have to deal with when learning to give up control of their children. They see them making mistakes and want to help but know it's in their best interest to let them learn the hard way.

I care about them and want them to do well, but I can't baby them and constantly be on their back to stay focused and complete their assignments on time. And letting go and giving them that freedom is the hardest part for me.

Because I know 'learning the hard way' in my class will result in a FAIL!

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