Friday, October 29, 2010

Thursday night dinner and shopping!

Our Friday night dates always turn into shopping nights at Walmart. I like to keep it classy.

And when you go to Walmart to pick up 4 things you always end up with 20 and you can't leave the store without owing over $100. You people know what I'm talking about.......right?!

And you end up with random monkey slippers. Keeping it classy, remember!

In other news, Thursday night dinner was Korean donkass (how do you spell this in English without making it look like you're eating donkey ass -- it's pork cutlet fyi). We fried up some mandu (first for us since we usually buy the steamed kind) and I cut up some sweet potatoes to make sweet potato fries. And you can't forget the staples like rice (duh!), kimchi and kim (seaweed). It was yum yum but a little to grease grease for my liking!
I enjoyed the sweet potato fries the best.

While we are on the subject of food, I thought I'd engage in a little FATTY FILES Canadian style. Remember when I took pictures of all the food I was eating in Korea? Well, I've decided for my entertainment (and my Korean families enjoyment) to do the same here in Canada. The problem with being back home is that I've gained some weight. I don't have the active lifestyle I once had anymore since I drive everywhere (and I'm NOT going to walk! It snowed like 2 feet here already -- no joke!!!!) Also, I notice that my food choices are not as healthy as they were when I lived in Korea. Because instead of snacking on sweet potatoes I'm snacking on sweet chocolate.

I'm not going to change any of my normal daily food intake (well 'normal' for Western standards. I'm using the this term loosely since when I first got back I couldn't believe how much JUNK people here eat. And now it's just seems so 'normal' to me). And slowly the bad food choices creep up on you. Like last week when I tried on my 'fat' jeans.

So I've decided that I'm not going to go on a diet. Maybe I'll try to add more nutritious snacks into my day. I won't worry about all the weight I do gain because I'm far to concerned with my new job, than I am with my health (terrible I know........but let me see a raise of hands if you too know what I am talking about). I just figure I'll join the gym with all those other resolution holders January 1st........or maybe 2nd. So that's like 2 months away. YES!

Jumping to another subject.........geez this is starting to ramble. I wanted to say THANKS to all who commented on my post about Sung Hyun and me. Actually the family situation isn't what it was interpreted to be by some of the commenters. I could have written the same post and kept that *comment out of it since it wasn't the focus or main point I was trying to make. Anyways, I have talked with some friends and my mom about money and what to do, and how to plan for a life here and feel a bit more relieved. I'm also going to take up Diana's suggestion and read the book she recommend. And I'm going to plan for more ME time.

How's that for a long random classy update! HA!

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