Thursday, October 14, 2010

This weekend I will......

* correct students in-class paragraphs (DONE!)
* correct students listening journals
* correct students in-class presentations (DONE!)
* prep a grammar lesson for articles
* prep an activity for process paragraph writing
* make rubric grading sheet for listening journals (DONE!)
* watch a movie and make a worksheet for my movie class
* prep lessons for 3 of my private students
* prep Halloween scavenger hunt for uni students
* make university listening and speaking practice exam
* make MID-TERM exam for communication class
* update student writing/ grammar website

This weekend I will ACCOMPLISH ALL OF THESE TASKS (I may have to lock myself in my room).

I love the teaching part of my job. I love being in front of the classroom explaining things to students. I love when the little light bulb clicks in their head. I love when I have a GREAT class.

I don't love lesson planning. I don't love correcting papers. I don't love admin meetings. I don't love entering student grades/ attendance.

I can't have my cake and eat it too, but some days I feel like I do. Certainly not this weekend!!!!!

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