Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Sung Hyun got paid last week so he treated the family to dinner. We dined at the local Korean restaurant and ate every last morsel.


Sante said...

been a while
is that the..."King"..something in Regina.. I really wanted to go there but whenever I go my inlaws' I somehow end up with not getting out of the farm which is 2hrs away from the city.. how is that restaurant? btw EDM Korean restaurant.... not good;;;;

Why am I here??? said...

ahhhhh 100 Kings use to be a Korean restaurant in the city, but now that restaurant has a new name and is Korean/ Japanese. I haven't got there yet!

The one I did go to is called Korea House. I believe it's fairly new. And it was really really delicious ;) So the next time you are in the city check it out!

It's off Broad on 11th (I think)

Sante said...

ah... okie.. no more 100Kings..
Thanks for your update.. I will share this info with my wife so I can force her to go there with me next time(my wife... doesn't enjoy Korea food anymore ever since our 1st one's born) BTW, FYI, based on my experience, best korean restaurants I found are not in Korea.. they're in Koreatown in LA(western blvd) and 32th st Mahattan, NY.. believe me .. it's ridiculously tatsty..lol