Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fattie Files!!!

Hello everyone! Welcome back to the Fattie Files Canada edition. I just thought you should know I spent 16 hours correct student mid-term papers this weekend. YUCK!

1:20 pm. - Breakfast was 2 pieces of whole wheat toast with margarine (which I heard is one molecule away from plastic), brown sugar (Splenda) and cinnamon.

4:20 - Sung Hyun made Korean food for lunch. We shared this bowl
6:30 - dinner was roast beef with yorkshire pudding and mashed potatoes with some veggies -- peas, cauliflower, mushrooms and salad.
8:30 - I needed a studying pick-me-uper so I drank a small slurpee
4 mini chocolate bars between 10-11 pm
HAPPY HALLOWEEN Y'ALL! I'm glad to have finished all my marking but not so happy that I haven't lesson planned for next week yet. Nothing like leaving things till last minute ;)

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