Thursday, September 09, 2010

Vancouver Day 2

In Korea I met a lot of cool people. So we decided instead of getting direct flights to my small city, we'd spend a few days in Vancouver visiting them! My best Korean friend Annie-Marie let us crash at her place for the week. THANKS SO MUCH FRIEND!!! So the next day Annie, Sung Hyun and I met up with our good friends Shane and Youjeong.
Killing some time in Shoppers!
Reunited again!
My first western breakfast.......delish!
Shopping in Walmart......where are all the people?
Sung Hyun couldn't believe how BIG everything was
The lady was getting a ticket for riding a bike without a helmet. Sung Hyun kept saying 'what happen if she run away......haha, police man can't get her'
Dinner was fish and chips by the water in White Rock, B.C. It was awesome!
So happy to be together again!
Cutie couple!
A perfect evening with a great group of people. Thinking about them makes me want to move to Vancouver so we can do this everyweekend!

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Amy said...

Ha ha, if you guys think those cones are big, you better not order a large from Milky Way, cause you'll be getting about 1/2 litre of ice cream!!! And people do order them!!! o.O

Oh, and your breakie looks rediculously good by the way!