Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sung Hyun

Sung Hyun has been loving Canada! He's doing really well (better than me actually). Yesterday he went with my dad to his Rotary meeting at lunch. My dad said 'Sung Hyun is very comfortable in his own skin'. He's been doing things on his own and spending time with my family by himself. Next week he'll start his Canadian workplace culture classes that are offered at the Regina Open Door Society (R.O.D.S). We've found him a part-time English tutor and shortly he'll start some free English classes at R.O.D.S. Today we fired off his cover letter and resume to 6 different companies who are looking for welders in our city. Tomorrow we'll drop by some of the bigger companies in person. Since we've been back, we have done something EVERYDAY.

Here are a few pictures of such adventures:

Sung Hyun driving for the first time
Vacuuming up the mess in the basement
Enjoying an afternoon nap, in the oddest of positions
Going to fundraise for the Breast Cancer Society
And by fundraise I mean pub crawl
Mowing the front lawn on a nice afternoon
Taking a sports car on a test drive
And finally, getting a free Ipod touch. YAH!


Shelley said...

That is so awesome!!! I love how he's embracing the culture and being so positive about learning and making a life here. It's wonderful! It really gives me hope about my husband's transition to Canada, when that happens.

Anonymous said...

Lovin reading you posts Jen! :)