Monday, September 13, 2010

Missing Korea!

I'm having an I MISS KOREA MOMENT. It's hard being back in Canada. I'm so unmotivated right now. I'm used to going to school full-time and working a ton of part-time jobs on the side. I've scanned the internet for jobs in my city and things are scarce. I was in the height of my English teaching career in Korea. I worked hard to get my name known and score some pretty sweet gigs. I gave all that up to have a better life with my husband in Canada. But to be honest, I miss my old life and old routine. I knew that I would experience these things but really wasn't prepared with a plan on how to tackle them. Any advice for those of you in similar situations would help.

And I'm especially getting sick of my parents talking about wanting grand kids. I could look past the first 6 times but the next time it happens I'm making an appointment to remove my uterus. THE END!


Diana E.S. said...

I've been back a month and just got a job. In between was a lot of insane ups and downs. I like America a lot more employed and living in my own house, which I will be... as of tomorrow.

Shelley said...

Tell your parents that until you get settled you're not having a child! That kind of pressure is annoying!

It will take some time to get a job, but once you do and get settled you'll be happy to be back. I think right now the hardest part is not knowing what to expect everyday. In Korea you had a schedule, a routine and now it's all changed.
Embrace it, enjoy it and try not to throw in the towel just yet. You know why you came to Canada so keep that your focus!
It will get better.

Anonymous said...

I know this is none of my business, but sometimes parents need to be told to butt off. You don't need to be rude. Just have a short nice talk with them and tell them this is not the right time for you to be thinking about kids and you would appreciate not to be pressured about it. Be gentle, be nice but be clear.

As for everything else, it's really not a surprise, is it? I mean, a few people here mentioned it would be really hard. In Korea, you were a "star." In Canada, you're one more person looking for a job. I know it must be a blow but the sooner you take it in, the less stress it will cause you.

Sarah said...

If money is not an issue right now, why not look for something to keep you busy? A course you can take? What about opening your own school? Translation work? Tutoting on the side?

Rachel said...

My standard job-hunting method is to make a resume and pass it out at places where I might want to work. Are there language institutes where you live? I would start there, if I were you. Maybe not what you want to do forever, but it can tide you over and you'll have some work experience that isn't overseas.

I think there is an initial euphoria after a big move. Then reality sinks in, you feel homesick, and you have to deal with all the mundane stuff. After you've dealt with all that that, things get better. Good luck!

saebom said...

i hate when people say this to me, but it sounds like you need to move forward and not look back. you need to not think about what you left or what you miss but what you can accomplish going forward. i hate that sh*t but it might be the best way to look at it.

and i am having a really hard time too. . .we can talk about it if you want. . .altho i'm not sure if that makes things better or worse. . .

David said...

Many of us are creatures of habit. The lack of routine is what driving you insane but with time you will have a routine so be patient and in the mean time enjoy your time off because that will be very precious soon. If all fails, I am sure you have plan b. Be polite to your parents and tell them to back off till you get settled.

Jennifer said...

I was trying to see if you are on Amy's FB friends so we could chat about being homesick/boredom etc with coming back to canada.

the cross culture shock will be hard for a good month or 2.

the one thing that I did was find a korean restaurant ASAP! hahaha or korean grocery store.

and then my mom had tons of stuff for me to do to help out and keep me distracted. or at least somewhat busy.

once you do get a job you will go back to being busy and feeling "fulfilled".
email if you want to talk at all.
or facebook me. jennifer schaub

Sante said...

Sorry you're feeling XXXtty but to be honest I knew where you guys are getting into c/z myself and my wife went through the same situation years ago.

Plus, I already let you know it's good to be living away from both parents so you guys have your own life... (see my old comment!!!)

.... but please look at bright side, I bet your husband will love how he's treated at work as soon as he get a job (welding technition thing) and you will also appreciate that you both get home around 5pm and have a dinner with kids whereas lots of kids in Korea are mostly spending time with their grandma/pas due to extreme job schedule and they only get to see their parents weekend.(I worked 0800-2300 usually and many still do).. This is how I'm feeling about life in Canada 3 years after my landing.. it's not that BAD!