Sunday, September 19, 2010

Canada is COLD and PRETTY!

Living in a city full of concrete I often forget one of the most beautiful things about Canada. MOTHER NATURE!
The drive from Vancouver to Regina is extremely beautiful. You can't beat the sky high Rocky Mountains or the Land of the Living Skies sunsets that you'll experience in the prairies. But to see them BOTH within the span of a couple days makes the drive totally worth it.
This beautiful photo was taken in the back seat of our car as we were driving
Finally arrive in Alberta
First we check into our hotel
Then we go to one of my favourite spots on Earth -- LAKE LOUISE!
Sung Hyun wants to go swimming
Beauty! Too bad the skies weren't blue that day though ;)
This is how we needed to dress! NO JOKE!


Jake said...

You are right, we are so lucky in Canada to have such amazing scenery and so much of it! It can be easy to forget when you are in the city all the time. Awesome photos!

Helena said...

Beautiful! I love mountains in the clouds. Or clouds in the mountains.