Thursday, September 09, 2010

Arriving in Vancouver.....

.....And being greeted by my good friend Kenda was the best feeling ever. Thanks so much for picking me up friend. Here's what we noted about Vancouver:
* first it was freakin' cold!
* the buildings were short
* the sky was bright blue
* there were so many fat people
* people have too much personal space

Taking up the sidewalk while waiting for the bus
holy snap -- biggest drink ever! (this was mine by the way)
Sung Hyun held out for a slurpee (or as he says 'slushie')
Tower of onion rings shared by three
Stopping for Tim Horton's coffee.........actually I've got a confession to make: this is my first coffee from Tim Horton's
Sung Hyun was so excited to find Korean noodles in a Vancouver Walmart
SOOOO BIG (this is what I look like after 4 hours of sleep in a 48 hour period)
Soju for 10 buck! YUCK!


Kristen said...

SungHyun is so cute, lol. Glad that you are doing well! ^^

saebom said...

can i see photos of regina?!

Jennifer said...

you can get soju at the lcbo for $6. which yes i realize is way expensive compared to korea. but cheaper than the korean restaurants!!! :)